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Ah! The Real Life Pre-Baby Home Tour continues today…as we head upstairs to the bedrooms.

{Did you miss Part One? You can see it here}

{Did you miss Part Two? You can see that here}

This level of our home consists of three bedrooms, the main bathroom, a landing nook/hall area and a linen cupboard. When I was about 20 weeks pregnant, we endured a massive… MASSIVE…shift of all the bedrooms and rooms to accommodate our nursery. Here’s how it went:

  1. The former Master became the Guest Room
  2. The former Office became the Master
  3. The former Guest Room became the Nursery
  4. The Office moved downstairs to the Sunroom

It doesn’t look like a lot when it’s written down in point form, but trust me, it was basically one entire weekend of nothing but moving furniture from room-to-room and in some cases down multiple flights of stairs. (Our West Elm Inspired day bed, for instance, is now in our rec room… that move? NOT FUN. I hope I can show you the downstairs level before Baby comes… but we’ll see.)

The Guest Room aka the Room Everyone Wants to Sleep In

I’ve already shown you the entire Guest Room reveal… it is most definitely one of the prettiest rooms in the house!

Guest Room Makeover
Guest Room Makeover

The biggest change in this room is with respect to the dresser area. I started some further KonMari on our linens and closets and discovered the old sheets and pillowcases in that dresser were never being used. So I donated them and the old dresser to the Refugee Centre. Fresh and Coastal Guest Bedroom with Rustic DecorWe were able to deliver the dresser, a table and some chairs directly to the new home of refugees who had just arrived in Canada with not much more than the clothing on their backs. They were grateful and I was happy to have had some of my creations go to people I know will use them. I replaced the dresser with my little dressing table! I think it works well and it actually opens up the space a bit.

A room for Gramma
A room for Gramma

The other change is simply with the bedding FOR NOW. I’ve been super uncomfortable with this giant pregnant belly and I can’t stand sleeping with a duvet anymore (what gives?!)  I temporarily added a VERY LIGHT comforter to the guest room bed so I can catch some ZZZs without sweating my butt off at night.

Projects in the Guest Room

The Main Bathroom aka the There’s Not Much We Can Do Until We Gut This Room

This room hasn’t changed a bit since we last showed it to you. In fact, I often marvel that we spent so little money to update the functionality of this space.

Bathroom Makeover
Bathroom Makeover

We painted it white, stencilled the accent wall, added new mirrors, new shower curtain and bath mat and DONE. I still hate the sink and the counter top… but let me tell you, it’s WAY easier to keep this washroom clean and tidy because of those mirrored cabinets.

Seaglass Stenciling
Seaglass Stenciling

You can see the full bathroom reveal and project post here.

The Hall Nook aka the Catch-all Space

Right at the top of our main stairs is a nook. A beautiful little nook with a window, wainscoting and barely enough room for anything meaningful. Just over four feet wide, it’s been difficult to find something to put here that’s functional, stylish and not messy looking.  home-tour-nautical-inspired-hall-way-decor-and-storage-diypassion-com

I’ve landed with using my reclaimed curbside dresser as blanket storage and a giant hyacinth basket for all the stuff that accumulates in the hall. (Think: clothing that needs to be mended/donated, magazines we’ve finished reading, shoes that should be downstairs – just random stuff.)home-tour-coastal-style-hall-way-decor-diypassion-comI anchored the space with the tiniest, circular throw rug in navy and white and added height with a large white vase and a thin black and white vintage lamp. It casts a nice warm glow in the hall after dusk and it’s perfect for when we’re milling about getting ready for bed. home-tour-hydrangeas-and-black-and-white-lamp-vignette-diypassion-com

On the walls, I’ve simply chosen to add architecture and interest. Empty vintage wooden canvas frames and mirrors help to disguise the ugly thermostat and a couple of family heirloom portraits extend the gallery to the little corner wall outside the nursery.home-tour-hall-way-with-bleached-wood-furniture-accents-and-vintage-touches-diypassion-com

For a nook that felt awkward at one point, I kinda love it. I can see it when I’m lying in bed reading πŸ™‚

The Master Bedroom aka The Hot Mess That is In for an Adult Makeover! Room

Speaking of our bedroom. OY. This room was once my blogging office, complete with an amazing walk-in closet. The closet is still there, but is now home to Froggy’s bassinette, along with all my clothes, shoes and bags. home-tour-measuring-for-a-headboard-diypassion-com

Essentially, when we did the big room swap, we moved all our bedroom furniture in here and that’s it. We’ve done zip, zero, zilch to the space. home-tour-master-bedroom-transition-diypassion-com

Do you like those two blank canvases on the wall? LOL – I hung those up to get a sense of scale above our bed. I’d love to do something with them. Haven’t made up my mind yet. You should have seen Dan’s reaction when he thought I intended to leave them blank and unfinished! “They… uh.. look interesting, Er. Ya. Interesting.” hahaha home-tour-bright-and-airy-master-bedroom-diypassion-com

We’ve got two little wooden side tables that we quite like that I intend to refinish and keep in the space. And I still really like the globe light fixture, so that will stay as well. We also brought in a free-standing wardrobe that Dan uses for his work shirts. It makes it a tight squeeze in this room, but it means that all our stuff is in one place – which we quite like. home-tour-the-new-master-bedroom-diypassion-com

Ideally, I will replace those glass lamps with wall sconces, similar to the ones in the guest room to save on space even more. I don’t want to pull the trigger on secondary lighting until I have a grand design plan for the entire room mapped out.home-tour-maximize-bedroom-storage-with-an-armoire-and-baskets-diypassion-com

A giant wicker hamper basket sits in the corner to catch our extra bed blankets and Dan’s clothes. It has been the ultimate wife solution. He used to pile his clothes on the bureau at the end of the day (!!) and it drove me crazy. But as soon as I put a big, empty basket closer to his bedside – voila! The clothes ended up in there. #Winninghome-tour-bedroom-bureau-nook-before-diypassion-com

As for the other side of the room. Oy again. We bought this GIGANTIC bureau and mirror combo online for a cool $125. It is clearly in desperate need of some help. But it’s a great size and the mirror is excellent. This corner will evolve along with the design plans, I’m sure.

I’m leaning towards a neutral on neutral concept for this space, with warmer beach tones like sands and taupes, punctuated with bright whites and soft blues. I really want it to feel like an oasis, despite there being so much going on in the room. This space is 100% on my ‘to tackle’ list for 2017!

The Nursery aka The Cutest Room in the House

AH! I don’t want to show you too much of this room because I just finished it and I’m working on an entire reveal just for this coming very soon. But here’s a peek at what’s going on in our third, and cutest, bedroom πŸ™‚Gender Neutral Nursery with Leather Throw Rug and Wood Ikea Hack Storage

Soon, I’ll show you how I created that awesome geometric wall in the background and give you a whole nursery tour πŸ™‚

Meantime, that concludes my three-week house tour!! I can’t believe it πŸ™‚



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