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I know you all know that I am far from a ‘fashion’ blogger – but here’s the thing; I still wear clothes and want to feel good in them! After basically a year of wearing maternity clothes and then heading back into the world after mat leave, I wanted to reenergize myself in a new way. I felt compelled to embrace the fact that I am in my mid-30s, I own and operate a business, I am married with a baby and I deserve to look and feel good. Full stop.

So when I saw Christina at post on Instagram that she was participating in the #Moms30for30 share challenge, I jumped in head first. It’s a simple concept where Moms who have blogs or Instagram accounts document their outfits for the month of November, sticking to a core 30 items and rotating them and mixing and matching. I’ve been sharing mine mostly via InstaStories (with which I am officially OBSESSED).

Oddly, in so doing, I think I’m tapping into a part of me and you that we’ve wanted to share! I’ve had so many comments about my clothing choices and questions about where I shop. This white chiffon blouse BLEW UP my Instagram feed. I was happy and sad about it… Happy because yeah! pretty blouse! Sad because it got way more interaction than my last few room and DIY Posts…. so whomp whomp! haha… In the end, I know it’s because it’s a real part of me shining through – so it’s all good.


It’s a known fact that Moms don’t have a lot of time, so I’m on board with finding a few key stores that never disappoint and buying the bulk of my basics all in a one-stop shop. I seem to currently have a deep relationship with Reitman’s and The Bay, as well as Nine West for shoes.

So here’s a round-up of some of what I’ve been wearing for #Moms30for30. I honestly hope this helps you and inspires you! And even though it’s halfway through November, hop into the challenge and share with the hashtag! It’s lots of fun 🙂

Lurve-itty lurve this blue flowy blouse from Reitman’s. It’s unbelievably affordable and the zip up neck means you can layer it or wear it under a blazer. I wore this exact blouse to BlogPodium!

This sweater is everything. I layer it on top of a plain white t-shirt or camisole and add a leopard print scarf, some silver earring and jeans and BLAM-O a perfect Fri-yay outfit. It also comes in a blush pink and a cream colour.

The sister to the blue blouse is this bad ass green one. It has buttons instead of a zip and rolled up sleeves. I wore this exact blouse to BlogJam. Are you sensing a theme? Yes? I like EASY PEASY people!! I’m spilling all the tricks I have.

I know I seem larger than life on the Internet (hayuck-yuck-yuck-yuck <— that’s me laughing my ass off) … but in reality, I’m 5’3″ on a good day. I tend to wear Petites in work clothes if they are available, but blazers are always a problem. LIKE A HUGE PROBLEM. I had to wear a blazer every damn day when I was a TV anchor and you know what? They make the sleeves too long. So this slouchy sleeve, navy number? Yes. Please. I didn’t have to have it altered. WIN.

There’s me in the blue wrap sweater and the BEST WORK PANTS I’ve ever owned. These grey pants were so good, after I got them home, I immediately ordered them in two other fabrics online. They are flat front, pull on pants that hit right at the ankle. I wear a Size 4 Regular and I love that they allow me to pair them with boots or heels and don’t look slouchy or untidy. Can you tell I love these pants? Also, they are $45. FORTY FIVE DOLLARS. Don’t tell the powers that be, but I’d pay double for work pants like these. 

Which leads me to the last four ‘honourable’ mentions on my #Moms30for30 list. I haven’t posted 30 items because I totally own multiples of all these things. It has made my life infinitely easier!

These Democracy Jeans are MY LIFE. I own four pairs in different washes. Why do I love them? A) the price point. They all come in under $100 and I bought mine at a Buy-1-get-one-50% sale. (As someone who used to drop $450 on one pair, that felt like a major deal… I have a jean problem… it’s a secret shameful vice… ugh) Anyway – these are GREAT for Moms because there is a huge elastic band sewn into the back of the pant that is hidden and 100% prevents butt gapping when you bend down. It sounds unreal – but it’s true and it’s amazing. The elastic also prevents mid-day butt sag. Soooooo…. ya. I own four pair. 😉

I got this Vero Moda jacket at Bay Days a while back. I love it because it’s lightweight and they put this jacket out every year. I’ve actually owned it at least five times over the course of the last fifteen years. Vero Moda is an excellent quality Canadian brand. I enjoy every piece from their line I’ve ever had. And it’s also super reasonably priced.

This Lord & Taylor ribbon tie t-shirt because…..every Mamma needs a little Jane Holloway in their lives. (Also it washes like a dream and it’s super soft).

These Nine West blue velvet Mary Janes….because …. JUST BECAUSE.


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