I used a Desire Map Planner for a Month and this is what happened

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Once again, I find myself sitting at my desk on the weekend, writing a blog post because I just have to get it off my chest. Last week, I basically wrote a post extolling the virtues of the IKEA Ranarp lamp. This weekend, it’s something a bit more personal and unexpected – but I need to let you all in on what happened when I used a Desire Map Planner for a month.

Maybe you remember when I bought this Goal Planner. I’ve started calling it a Desire Planner – I don’t know why. It doesn’t really matter what you call it I guess. I don’t know why I decided to buy it. It wasn’t inexpensive and, yes, you can technically do this exercise in a normal lined notebook. But I couldn’t shake this feeling that if I bought this specific planner and stuck to using it, formed a new habit, I’d feel differently about my life and things would change.How to use a Desire Map Planner

Here’s what happened. The first time I opened it up, I felt like it was speaking my language. Instead of asking you to list you tasks and to-do lists (I have another agenda for that), it asks you to start you day listing your Core Desired Feelings (or CDFs). It starts with FEELINGS and not TASKS. I was already jiving with this.

Then each day is slightly different. It will sometimes prompt you to write about what you’ll do to serve your soul, what you’ll do to give yourself courage, what you’ll stop doing in order to allow your core desired feelings to manifest.

It sounds hokey and woo-woo. AND IT TOTALLY IS. But I wouldn’t write about it here if I didn’t think it held some value.

My routine has been to get up before everyone else (even the dog) and trod downstairs, brew the coffee and while it percolates, I curl up in my comfy office chair and write that day’s entry. I spend no more time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee. I don’t question or over think what I write. I just write what comes out and then put it away and start my day.

Sometimes, if I have time in the evening, I will revisit the day’s notes and add to them or make special notes in the margins if something spectacular happened or if I was able to keep feeling ‘aligned’ and ‘flowing’ through the whole day.

I just flipped through an entire month of entries. The first couple of weeks, I was writing a lot about overcoming anxiety and anger. I was worried a lot, according to my notes. It is clear to me in hindsight that I was challenging myself to regain control over my emotions and my mind. And then there was a crazy shift at about the three week mark. I started listing core desired feelings like ‘attractiveness’ – and not in the sense of outer beauty, but in the sense that I want to attract goodness and clarity. I started seeking core desired feelings like calm confidence (you should listen to our In The Storyhouse episode with Emily Lex if this resonates with you. She was ALL about the calm confidence.) And I started listing massive appreciation for the abundance I have in my life instead of listing the fears and worries I have about scarcity.

I love this planner. It’s hundreds of pages of opportunity and exploration. I can tell you that I have opened more doors and laughed more laughs and smiled more real smiles in the last month than I have in recent memory.

It’s been a good month… a core desired feeling I’d like to live with for a long time.

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