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Inside: How to make a hanging, wall mounted fabric headboard from two 20×24 canvases. This is a simple, inexpensive headboard idea that is perfect for renters!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a budget friendly DIY project but this one might just take the cake. I scoured the internet for headboard ideas and kept coming up empty when looking for a headboard with patterned fabric.

It was basically impossible to find off-the-shelf. So of course, I innovated and decided to make one myself. I ended up figuring out how to make a headboard, cover it in patterned fabric and mount it to the wall.

Since I made this headboard, this room has undergone a massive transformation. You can see the fully completed guest room here. In the new space, I opted to use a patterned wall paper on the entire wall behind the bed (though it was not cost-efficient!) and I added a large piece of hanging art right above the bed. 

We do still have a large tufted headboard with nail head trim in the master bedroom that works beautifully. 

The thing you want to look for in a headboard is that it’s not too small and that it’s hung at the right height to make the bed feel ‘fuller’. If the headboard is covered by the pillows or isn’t long enough to span the entire bed, it’s going to throw your whole room off balance. How to make a headboard from canvases

That’s why for this DIY headboard, I extended the fabric with two coordinating strips of blue. I wanted to give it just a little more length to feel more full and finished. You don’t have to do that – it entirely depends on your tastes. 

Here’s my tutorial for a DIY Wall Mounted Fabric Headboard

Make a DIY Wall Mounted Fabric Headboard
Yield: 1 complete headboard

Make a DIY Wall Mounted Fabric Headboard

Small space and budget-friendly headboard idea! Make it out of canvases and fabric for a custom look with a DIY price tag.


  • Two large canvases (at least 20x24 to span a queen sized bed)
  • Staple gun
  • Duct Tape
  • Fabric in your choice (you'll need at least 4 metres)
  • Hanging hardware
  • Pins and a sewing machine (if you want to hem the edges)


  1. Measure the head of your bed just to make sure your canvases cover the length completely. Then lay them end to end and use your staples and duct tape to turn them into one large canvas.
  2. It's okay if there is a bit of bend it in at first. That will all be addressed once you hang it on the wall. Now finish off the edges of your fabric, if you want to do that. (See above where I explained why I decided to) Sewing the edges of fabric headboard
  3. Drape the fabric over the canvases ensuring you cover the front completely. If you are using patterned fabric, this is where you'll want to be careful and make sure the pattern lines up on your headboard. If it doesn't, your whole piece will look off centre. Floating DIY Headboard
  4. Add hanging hardware to the back of the headboard. I suggest screwing it in at the centre point and using a long, taught, cord to hang the headboard. On the wall, you'll want to hang it on two screws hung at equal height. Try to get one screw line up with each canvas. This is what will get rid of any bending and bowing if you didn't staple them together well enough to start. Think of if as if you are actually hanging up two separate canvases. They just happen to be really close together.

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If you wanted to take this tutorial up a notch, you could add a piece of plywood and batting to the top of the canvases in a rounded shape.Side angle diy fabric headboard However, that would likely require power tools and a bit more effort in terms of wrapping it with fabric. Close DIY Hanging Fabric Headboard

The challenge is that headboards have really come down in cost since I did this project and at that point, unless you want something completely custom, you might be better off buying one retail because they’ll cost you the same (with less effort). 

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