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We are midway through February and that means we are almost to the official end of winter! But don’t you find February to be the longest-shortest month of the year? It’s grey, it’s cold, it’s a head down and get through it kind of month. In January, I started a really fun series where I showed you what I was browsing for at Chapters-Indigo and you all loved it! So today, I’m excited to continue the series for February and focus on how we can all beat those winter blahs πŸ™‚Beat the Winter Blues with these cozy and relaxing finds from Indigo!

I read Dan Harris’s 10% Happier book in the summer and I loved it. It is a really neat way to look at self-improvement and it’s not preachy at all. He’s now come out with his own guide to meditation. It’s basically meditation for people who don’t believe they can meditate (me! me! haha)

I feel like meditation is such a powerful tool that we can all access if we try. I have found amazing calm by writing in notebooks and journaling. I basically buy a new notebook every time we go to Indigo! LOL These new animal themed ones are adorbs.Β 

I also take full advantage of the fact that I work from home and in the afternoons when my energy is lowest, I work with a lit candle on my desk. It helps me stay focused and it gives a tiny boost to get through my must-dos so that I’m ready to play with LB when she gets home. I have the GIRL BOSS candle and the scent is soft and lovely. I’m curious about what Unicorn Magic smells like though LOL

I snapped a pic of these tea pots – only cuz they are so dang happy looking! I mean, how can you not perk up when pouring tea out of something that is literally smiling at you?! And Dan found these snow globe music boxes. They have power crystals in them! (Which, if you’re a child of the early 80s like I am… you will always associate power crystals with She-ra, amiright?!) Anyway, LB has a collection of snow globes and music boxes and she clearly loves this one too.

Beyond that, here are some other things I’m totally crushing on this month!

1 | How about curling up with this AMAZING Pom Pom Throw while you’re meditating? Is that a thing? Can you cuddle and meditate at the same time? πŸ™‚ LOL

2 | While we’re at it, I think I’m going to need some spring themed reading socks because I’ve worn my winter ones every single day!

3| I wish I had known about this Fujifilm Instax Square Photo Printer before I did my latest gallery wall project! Man, that’s a nice looking printer and it comes in white!

4 | We bought this Fisher Price Farm for LB for Christmas. She LOVES it. It is our saving grace on Saturday mornings when we want to have a hot cup of coffee. Warning – it sings.

5 | Here’s a little secret for Canadian Winters… Use a blush and a highlighter. I’ve been using this Dandelion Highlighter from Benefit since university and I still love it.

6 | Reading socks not enough for you? Why not a reading wrap!?! I need this in my life.

7 | I use a book light each night before bed. For $7, it’s the best way to at least try to meet the goal of actually starting and finishing a book!

8 | I feel like a kid’s work bench is in our future πŸ™‚ We have a few Melissa & Doug toys and they are great quality.

9 | I love this mug so much. I can’t even handle it. Life advice from a mug is sometimes a good thing, people!! πŸ™‚

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