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This is a little bit office update and a lotta bit woo-woo, y’all. Today’s post idea came from my IG Stories analytics that showed I get just as many Direct Messages and Comments on my DIY and Decor projects as I do when I share my ‘woo-woo’ philosophy stuff. I cannot tell you how GLAD THIS ALL MAKES ME!!

But before we dive too deeply into all this, I must address the giant question in the room – or rather the question that was asked multiple times by multiple people when I asked if I should start a #WooWooWednesday hashtag.

People were like – yes, Erin. Do it… but wtf is woo-woo? LOL

So here it is. Woo-woo is a bit undefined. If you ask Urban Dictionary, it makes fun of it and says it’s pseudoscience and a belief system based on nothing evidence based, that it’s entirely personal and therefore not definable.

To which I say hooey and bally-hoo! (Cuz I’m an old timer like that? LOL) Anyway, my definition of Woo-Woo is simply the act of living one’s life and making decisions based on the desire to be completely and totally self-aware and conscious of emotions and your inner voice/intuition.

However you achieve that state – whether it’s through meditation, journaling, reiki, rubbing rocks and crystals, walking by the sea, writing to your intuition, chanting – whatever, I don’t even really care. The point for me is that your practice helps to uncover a deep sense of awareness that often gets drowned out by the pull of two things: every day life and the ever-present ego aka fear.

So when I say I want to start ‘sharing my woo’ with you all – it’s a) not a dirty thing and b) it’s sorta my way of saying I want to connect with you all on a deeper level and engage in conversations that actually create lasting change in each of us. While I love to share shopping hauls and decor finds, my true self loves LOVES to talk about finding balance, creating ease, attracting abundance, and building a life that is literally better than you can ever have imagined.

I have found all of those things have become easier after I started practicing MY WOO-WOO. 

For me, it’s a combination of journaling (I do A LOT of journaling), what I call ‘mountain top’ exercises, where I visualize my goal as a mountain and I put myself on top of the mountain and tell myself all the steps I took to climb it and then I describe in detail how it feels to ‘be at the top’.

Sure, you’ll be hard pressed to find a scientific academic who ascribes to ‘wooey’ – but you will find thousands of studies proving the power of visualization and goal setting. I mean, take Olympic athletes for example – the majority of them visualize the gold medal being placed on their neck after crossing a finish line in spectacular form. Ya know? Basketball players visualize the slam dunk as often as they actually DO the slam dunking.

It’s the same in life and business. Over the last seven months, my business partner Jennifer and I have practiced the mountain exercise in one way or another at least a couple times a month. For us, we visualized our lives getting easier, money falling from the sky, attracting only the BEST clients to our business (we got really specific with this), and we also visualized hitting ‘buy now’ on an all-inclusive vacation package for six. We are using the ‘woo’ to focus our actions and intentions with our true desires.

So, that’s the woo! It’s the practice of constantly questioning why you are doing what you’re doing and if there’s a deeper calling inside of you that would and could make life, abundance and happiness easier to achieve.

Consider this the start of #WooWooWednesday .. share your woo victories and I’ll share my thoughts… and together we’ll raise our vibrations and have a little fun 🙂


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