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How to Create your own Geometric Statement Wall for $8

Inside: How to make a DIY Geometric Statement Wall using Gold metallic Sharpie Paint Pens. This simple project looks amazing and will cost you less than $8

I know. You’re like why is this lady still blogging SIX days before her due date?! ha! Well, it’s because it’s our October Monthly DIY Challenge and it’s because I’ve had this project on the go for a REALLY long time. This month, we’re all using Sharpies! Gotta love ’em! And today, I’m going to show you how to create your own geometric statement wall using a Gold Metallic Sharpie Paint Pen for $8. Yep. Eight buckeroos.

In case you’re new here, I’m a big fan of wall treatments! You should check out my renter-friendly, removeable wall paper in the master bedroom, plus our new peel and stick backsplash in the kitchen. If you’re into the whole geometric thing, I’ve got a cute holiday craft for making a geometric deer head and also a tutorial for a Himmeli-style, geometric hanging wall planter.

diy sharpie wallSupplies for a DIY Geometric Statement Wall with a Sharpie

This is all you need to do this… are you ready? Here’s what I used:

In case you’re just stopping by our challenge for the first time, a bunch of us bloggers get together on the Second Wednesday of every month and we create something using the same product or following the same theme. Some of our more recent challenges include spray paint, stencils, and leather!

My emotional attachment to the Geometric Statement Wall

A word about this post.

As I mentioned above, we are welcoming our first baby ‘Froggy’ into the world this month. Many of you who have been following DIY Passion for a long time (thank you, I love you), know that we struggled and fought a painful fight to get and stay pregnant. Without going down that terrible road and rehashing what I’ve now come to terms with, I will tell you that this wall… was created for our first baby.

The first baby that we lost. I created the wall, planned the nursery and then it sat there empty for years.

I moved everything out of the room, but for some reason, could never bring myself to paint over this wall. Now, I absolutely adore the added detail and depth it gives to Froggy’s room (which is a COMPLETELY different nursery for a brand new baby! I will have a full reveal soon, I promise)…and I feel an odd sense of healing and calm when I see it. It is not a sad wall anymore… it is just a wall that had been waiting to be incorporated into the right nursery for the right wee Froggy… 🙂

Given that, the process pictures are SUPER old! ha! My hair is short! I’m a couple dozen pounds lighter! I was DIYing at night? (<– because I used to work crazy shift work and I was only able to work into the wee hours…) But the project still stands up and I’m incredibly grateful to be able to share it with you now.

How to Create a Geometric Statement Wall with a Sharpie

This is what the room looked like before it was anything.Geometric Wall BEFORE

This is basically an exercise in measuring and patience. All you really need to do is:

  •  measure you wall side to side and top to bottom
  • come up with a common denominator by which you can (more or less) divide the wall vertically and horizontally

Here’s what I mean. My wall is 104″ wide. So I lopped that down to 100″ and let myself have 2″ of space on each end. 100″ divides nicely into 10″.

My wall was 90″ high (once I accounted for the baseboard and baseboard heater.) 90″ divides nicely into 9″ (I didn’t choose 10″ because I knew I didn’t want equilateral triangles.)

Here’s the clincher – because of this, my wall of ‘triangles’ is actually a wall of squares. WHOA. 🙂 How to Measure for a Geometric Wall

Using my level and my pencil, I carefully (and lightly) drew lines going across my wall every 9″ until I reached the ceiling.

Here’s where there’s another tricky part. Starting at the bottom line, I measured FIVE inches in from the far left wall (five is half of ten) and made a little mark. Then I measured along that same line in 10″ intervals.

On the second to bottom line, I measured TEN inches in from the far left wall and proceeded to make marks every 10″ from there.

What did this do? It staggered my little marks, so that all I had to do to finish my wall was trace my horizontal lines with my Sharpie and connect the dots into triangles. Create a Geometric Wall with a Sharpie

Is it nerve-wracking? A little haha. I remember feeling like I was going to make a mistake. And the thing is if you DO make a mistake, it’s sorta hard to cover up because oil-based paint is indelible. So go SLOWLY. Use Oil Based Paint to Create a Geometric Wall

When all was said and done and it was 2 in the morning, I had something that looked like this:Geometric Wall with a Gold Sharpie Paint Pen

Let’s now fast forward TWO years to this month and this wall has held up INCREDIBLY well considering it cost $8 🙂 Rocking Chair nook with Geometric Wall Froggy Shoes with Geometric Wall in the background

I really don’t want to give away TOO much away because I have the FULL nursery reveal coming up next week… but here are a few more shots of this awesome wall 🙂

This room is so bright, it was actually tough to get pictures that showed the gold, so here’s one where I boosted the contrast a little, so you get a better sense of what it’s like up close and personal!Geometric Wall in the nursery

I was hesitant to pair the geometric wall with striped drapery, but as soon as I tried it, I loved the outcome. The panel curtains really soften the lines in the space and add a little bit of playful texture.

Sneak Peek with the Geometric Wall using a Sharpie Paint Pen Geometric Wall in the Nursery with Aqua accents

Don’t forget this is a Monthly DIY Challenge post! So you’re treated to all these other blogger projects using Sharpies!

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Kendra @

Thursday 13th of October 2016

That wall is beautiful, Erin! Soo happy for you guys... your precious little baby will be in that room in no time at all!


Wednesday 12th of October 2016

Oh my gosh, I couldn't love this post more! First of all, the triangles are awesome and such a fun (but not overwhelming) addition to the room. Second, the froggy shoes are SO CUTE! I can't wait for baby to get here.

Erica @ Dwell Beautiful

Wednesday 12th of October 2016

I'm so glad that this wall and this space has become a healing space and place of joy! Love the look of the curtains paired with the geometric wall. What a special place for wee Froggy! :)

Nicole @ The Inspired Hive

Wednesday 12th of October 2016

Love it!!! And can't wait for that little babe to get here and see their beautiful nursery!


Wednesday 12th of October 2016

Such a cheap and easy way to make such a big statement! And it's looking so great after 2 years! Love those little froggy shoes too!

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