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The Creative Gallery #254

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Happy Sunday everyone! Lots of things going on this week including LB’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! I’ve basically been a crying mess all week. She’s become so fun to be around, always happy and playing and being silly. She sure is a handful! Needless to say this past year has been the best year of my entire life… and I can’t wait to wake up each day to see what new stuff she learns and does 🙂

Yesterday, we spent the day at the Clean Foundation #FixItFair where I was asked to give a little talk about upcycling furniture. Guys – I was SO nervous! But it was really fun and it’s always nice to inspire people to try to rescue something that would otherwise end up in a landfill 🙂 I hope to do more work with them in the future, so stay tuned!

Also fun? In The Storyhouse this week, Jen and I bring the scope of our conversations back to broad with a frank discussion about the constant tension between heart and wallet, money and mind. It’s the start of what we hope will be a three episode mini-series on the actual money side of our world – shedding light on the dynamics that play out when bloggers and creators attempt to make a living doing what we do.

You can find us on Soundcloud and on iTunes and you can also listen with this embedded player right here.


The Creative Gallery

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And now, here’s the latest from DIY Passion this week:

This week, (as I mentioned above!) I participated in the Clean Foundation’s #FixItFair and in honour of that, I wrote a post about all the pieces of furniture that are currently in my house that I pulled off the curb 🙂 I couldn’t believe I had five! (I actually think it’s more, but these five stand out).

And now for some of my favorites from last week’s party:

The Honeycomb Home has some amazing ideas for front porches in the fall. I’d take her advice, but our front porch is basically decked out for Halloween all year, every day. (As in, it’s so terrifingly ugly, there isn’t much I need to do to celebrate October 31st hahaha) 

These Woodland Animal Treat bags are SO CUTE!! We aren’t really throwing a party for LB this year, but next year? This is gonna be the theme!

Are you tired of pumpkins yet? No? Me neither 🙂 This Dollar store pumpkin made over with ribbon by Momma DJane is a sweet and fast craft that I support! (My name is Erin and I support this pumpkin craft.)

Let’s get our party on!

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