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DIY Decorative Clipboard {There for the Making}

Make your own DIY Decorative Clipboard using things you’ve got in your craft stash! PLUS – The real way to remove a clip from a clipboard AND a Video Tutorial!

Hey guys! We’re on a hop today! I’ve teamed up with another bunch of bloggers to bring you the ‘There for the Making’ series. It’ll happen every six weeks and the whole premise is that we create something without buying ANYTHING. It’s all hosted by Sarah over at Flourish & Knot 🙂 We have to use things we’ve already got lying around the house. So while you might not have the same things in your craft stash, my hope is this will inspire you to dig around the house and see what you can come up with 🙂 Today, I’m going to show you how I’ve made a DIY Decorative Clipboard for my new basement studio space!

Truth be told, I saw a version of this at the craft store for $26.99 when I was wandering the aisles with Little Bird a few weeks ago. And I was like $26.99!!! I could make that for MUCH less. (As we all know, that statement isn’t always true, but in this case, it absolutely was!)

Here are the supplies I gathered to make a DIY decorative clipboard:

  • medium size canvas (I buy these at our dollar store!)
  • foam board (I had zillions of these. I don’t even know why)
  • a small clipboard (I think this used to have paper attached?)
  • a few rolls of decorative paper (also from the dollar store. I buy the pretty ones when I see them. Sometimes, they are fugly. But sometimes I luck out!)DIY Decorative Clipboard Supplies

Then I needed embellishments, so I dug a little further and found 🙂

Before you get started, you’ll either need to remove the clip from your clipboard OR buy separate clips (like these here). Here’s the thing – removing the clip is harder than it looks. I was a bit naive and assumed the clip was attached with small screws (like eye glasses or something) – BUUUT all the clipboards I own are attached with rivets. They are super annoying to get apart.

Here’s how you remove a rivet:

Use a medium size drill bit, wear protective eye wear and gloves and drill through the rivet and the rivet cap. Continue drilling, upping the size of the drill bit, until the rivet falls apart. How to remove the clip from a clipboard

Now for the actual decorative clipboard part!

Start by painting your canvas matte black. I use this paint for almost all of my crafty projects.

Actually, if you’d rather, I did a short video of the process! Follow my YouTube Channel for more DIY videos too!

Then, apply a thin coat of matte Mod Podge to the canvas (once it’s dry) and smooth on a piece of burlap. Burlap Mod Podge Decorative Clipboard

Once it’s dry, use your decorative tacks and hammer them into each corner.Furniture Tacks Decorative Clipboard

While it’s drying, cut your foam board to be 1-1.5″ smaller than your canvas all the way around. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to your foam board and then carefully adhere your decorative paper, smoothing it as you go. Apply another thin coat of Glossy Mod Podge to the paper to seal it and allow it to dry. Fold over the edges and seal with more Mod Podge.Foam board Paper Mod Podge Decorative Clipboard

Mod Podge Decorative Clipboard

Once that’s dry, centre it on your burlap covered canvas and use four more decorative tacks to attach the foam board to the centre of the canvas.Canvas Burlap Foam Board Decorative Clipboard

Re-attach your clip board clip using the same decorative tacks, or matching silver ones.DIY Decorative Clipboard close up

DIY Decorative Clipboard for organizing

I seriously love raiding my craft stash and making something for nothing 🙂 Speaking of, I really need to get a move on and show you all the progress we’ve been making in that space. We’ve been busting our bums drywalling and painting and trying to get it as finished as possible. Jury is still out on what we’re going to do for flooring. But that’s a discussion for another post, I’d say!

DIY Decorative Clipboard Straight DIY Decorative Clipboard on wall

Hop on this There for the Making Blog Wagon and see what other junk we all had lying around that we were able to turn into something BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL!!! 😛

We’ll be back in April with a special Earth Day edition of There for the Making. For now, I hope you’ll pour yourself another cup of coffee and visit the other bloggers participating in our no-spend DIY series. The next blogger in our hop today is Lindi at Love. Create. Celebrate! All of these projects prove that we have hidden craft and DIY possibilities waiting in our homes! It IS possible to be creative without spending a dime!

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[email protected]

Monday 6th of March 2017

Great idea! I love that this challenge is forcing me to use up old supplies. And I may have what I need to make one of these myself!


Tuesday 28th of February 2017

CUTE! I love the idea of having this as part of a little organizational area. And I, too, am constantly thinking "I could make that for a lot less". And it is almost always true! :-)


Tuesday 28th of February 2017

This is so cool, Erin! I like that you added the foam board to a canvas to give it extra dimension!


Monday 27th of February 2017

Great project Erin! I've seen these in the stores too, good idea to make your own!

Meg @ Green With Decor

Sunday 26th of February 2017

What a cute idea!! Love it!

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