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DIY Felt Animal Themed Playroom Storage

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Use what you’ve got around the house and make the cutest felt animal themed playroom storage from empty cardboard boxes!

I’m building a little bit on last week’s group hop challenge where we had to make something using only things we had on hand. If you’re anything like I am, you have  A LOT of cardboard boxes that pile up in your house, garage, kitchen, recycling bin (helllooooo Amazon addict! haha) – Anyway, I decided to create some fun animal themed storage boxes for the playroom using some cast-off cardboard boxes! (Sneak Peeks at a new playroom DIY is at the bottom of this post and a little update on our studio reno too!)

You can watch the video tutorial I did here! (And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel)

If you’d rather see the step-by-step on the blog – here it is:

How to make Playroom Storage from Cardboard Boxes

This is obviously the BEFORE 😛Animal Themed Storage Boxes BEFORE

The first step is to cut the flaps off the top of your box. This project will work with ANY SIZE box! Mine are small because I’m putting them on a small shelf – but imagine a big one that sits on the floor to collect blocks and stuffed toys? Perfection 🙂 Anyway – cut off all the flaps but one and use that last flap to create the 3D ears.Making Storage Boxes from Cardboard boxes

I lightly sketched my cat face onto my box to make sure the ears were the right size and then made rough cuts. The next step is to cover your box in fabric! You can use any kind of fabric for this, but I recommend a thicker grade so that it’s durable. I used white cotton duck fabric. I always have some on hand for crafting 🙂 How to Cover a Cardboard Box in Fabric

Just glue it in place using a hot glue gun and you’ll be all set. I DO recommend doing the ‘ears’ with separate pieces of fabric. It’ll just make your life easier. If there is a seam at the front, it won’t matter, because it’ll be covered up by the animal face anyway. Create a Template for Animal Themed Storage BoxSpeaking of animal faces! Now raid your scrap paper stash and create a full-size template of the felt face you’ll be making. I thought this was redundant at first, but trust me – it helps a lot to be confident that you have all the right pieces and that they are all the proper size before you start cutting your felt! It doesn’t have to be pretty – just the right proportions 🙂 Cut template out of feltGlue Felt Pieces Together

Now all you have to do is assemble your ‘face’ on your box and secure it with a healthy amount of hot glue! I have used yarn and a spare button for the whiskers and nose. You could use anything you have! Imagine glitter bits for a peacock or crinkly cellophane for a whale’s spout?! That’d be really really fun!Felt Animal Themed Storage Boxes

And OMG…I am so freaking excited to give you a peek at where I have stashed these little boxes. If you’re wondering why they look like they are sitting in the middle of an unfinished project, it’s because they are!

Our playroom/family room is taking shape, but I’ll admit, it’s not going to be an overnight or even a weekend makeover. We have at least two moderate DIYs planned for this room and this is a peek at one of them.

Hopefully, when we’re finished, these little animal themed boxes will be sitting on a custom looking unit. I don’t want to give away too many details yet, because Dan and I are still firming up details like colour and materials. AND I do have to give credit where credit is due. This entire concept was Dan’s idea.  I know. For real. I married well.

Gah… we also have to update you on what’s been happening in the studio! If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen the news that we finally started dry walling. And we’ve also started to paint the giant wall of unfinished cabinets we have. I’m hoping those two elements help to bring this transformation into the home stretch.

Okay, enough for now 🙂 I’ve got another rainy day craft project and video to finish up to share with you later this week… Chat then,


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