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DIY Passion Podcast #2: How to find an authentic blogging voice

 Just be yourself. How many times in your life have you heard that?

In my years as a media personality, it was advice that I gave out to others who wanted to learn the craft. But guys, it wouldn’t be a ‘craft’ if it was easy to do! Authenticity is a word bloggers hear often. Be authentic and good things will happen.

But once again, it’s not easy and it’s not always natural. In today’s episode, I shed some light on my thoughts about where blogging is headed as a medium and why perhaps it’s still not really the most ‘truthful’ medium and Dan gives us a little insight into his early days’ struggles with adopting the blog as a creative outlet. If you want to know about the ups and downs of being a couple that blogs, today’s episode is for you. If you’re at all interested in the art of the ‘authentic’, it’s also for you. We recommend you listen no matter what.  🙂 (Links to subscribe are below the audio widget.)

Here are some of the great blogs we’ve been reading about being authentic. It really helps to know we aren’t alone.

  • Lynne Knowlton – We love everything about Lynne’s blog. It’s gorgeous, and her frank and honest writing just make it the bees knees.
  • North Story – Alex writes with one of the best blogging voices out there. Why? Because this chick is the real deal.
  • Rambling Renovators – Jen’s down to earth voice rings out in each post on her blog. This was one of the first blogs I ever subscribed to and, now that I’ve had a few interactions with Jen, I can say with certainty that she’s mastered the art of being her real, lovely, self.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Are we real enough for you? Are we too real? Do you want to just see a DIY tutorial and you don’t really give a crap about us? We want to know, no matter what!

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If you stick around long enough through the podcast, after the break, we talk about one of our FAVOURITE summer hobbies – Yard saleing!!

Want to know how we have found that diamond in the rough (because you know we have!) and how we negotiate on price and generally walk away winning? Listen closely!

Here are some of our tips and tricks for scoring the BEST deal, whether you’re buying or looking to get rid of stuff fast.

Hosting a yard sale? Remember these tips:

  • Good signage
  • Good displays
  • Safe parking
  • Reasonably low prices

Hot tip? Sometimes Church Bazaars are the BEST… You usually have to pay a couple of dollars to get in, but you often get bbq hot dogs or cookies or something delicious… and the displays are often really well put together… these are also the only places I can think of that still sell things for a dime.

What to look for at yard sales:

  • Solid wood furniture
  • Tools and garden stuff
  • Lamps and light fixtures
  • Mirrors and frames
  • Multiples for wedding/party decor

Things to avoid at yard sales:

  • Clothing and textiles (unless you know and trust the seller)
  •  Holiday decor
  •  Tchotchkes

What to bring with you on yard sale day and what to be ready for:

  • Coins and small bills!! A must!!
  • A plan to negotiate to bundle your purchases
  • Go early – eat muffins  🙂
  • Thanks so much for listening to this episode!

In Episode 3 next week, Dan takes the reins of the show to talk about something small that is actually very big…. cryptic much?  😉

Hope you’ll come back and have a listen!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.