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DIY Painted Weathered Door & Decorative Shelf

Hopefully you didn’t miss our post earlier this week about the curbside dresser rescued with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, because today, I’m going to show you how I used the same paint to create another decorative piece for our sunroom!

You might remember this corner of the room from when Dan repaired the enormous hole in the wall left by the old propane stove. It has basically sat sad and untouched ever since. In fact, it’s been collecting ‘junk’ items for a couple of months, including our old powder room door, a random bracket shelf from the previous owners, and a thrifted vinyl chair. Full disclosure, I moved the side table in here from the living room because it was SO sad without a table. Seems like we’ll have to find a new one eh?  🙂

Weathered Door BEFORE

The projects we hope to tackle here?

  • the door
  • the chair
  • the side table

The door was an accident. We were planning to put it to the curb, but one day, I realized it’s actually disguising all the leftover, hideous pipes that stick out of the wall AND it gives that corner a good ‘height’ element. Hmm… what to do?

Why, create a DIY Weathered Door Decorative Shelf! I’ll walk you through the process I used to get my desired look. I spent an entire day googling around ‘how to distress furniture/walls/doors’ and discovered there is no single method. I ended up using a hodgepodge of all the different techniques I read about.

As you could see, the door was already faux-finished, so I added a light coat of plain white latex paint with a big stiff brush to start it off on a blank slate.

DIY Weathered Door

If your door is already white? You could add a light layer of cream paint. Then sand the edges and the raised areas a bit to start ‘distressing’ it. I used 80 grit paper and a bit of elbow grease.

Weathered Door 3

Then, I did the ‘scary step’. Using a very dry, flat edged brush, I put black paint in the creases and any recessed areas.

DIY Weathered Door

At this point, I was TERRIFIED that I’d ruined it! Ugh. I sanded it down a bit more and persevered.

DIY Weathered Door

And the final step is what saved it! Phew! Using my Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey and another clean, angled brush, I liberally covered the door using long sweeping brush strokes and making sure to get into the creases.DIY Weathered Door

Then using a damp rag (not dripping, but fairly soaked) I quickly wiped off the Paris Grey making sure to focus on blending all the dry brush strokes. Voila!

DIY Weathered Door

I spray painted the shelf brackets black and hung the shelf using wood screws. I decided against staining or stripping the shelf because I do want to add some warm wood elements to the sun room eventually.  🙂

Why didn’t I hang the shelf lower? Two reasons – for one, I didn’t want to risk any ‘head hitting’ when getting up from the chair. And, down the line, we might swap the chair for one with a higher back, which will change the scale of the corner.

DIY Weathered Door

The door is still leaning, concealing the yucky pipes in this corner. Everything I put on the shelf is light as a feather, but if you want to put heavier things or stand the door up totally straight, you will have to secure it to the wall with hardware.

Weathered Door 10

I tried to keep the shelf elements airy and ‘driftwood’ feeling, but I did add in a few wintery elements with my pinecones and birdie! I had a beautiful glass cloche I was going to use, but then I was dumb and dropped it and it shattered.  🙁 So I used some chalk and the leftover bottom piece to make a monogrammed “B” for our last name. Lemons to lemonade!

DIY Weathered Door

I was in a wintery mood – even though I actually took these photos on Halloween (ha!) – and so I added a little sparkle and bling to the side table with some lanterns and a basket full of silver balls. Can we decorate with silver balls all year, please? I love them.

DIY Weathered Door

And can we talk about the knob?! It is from The Independent Mercantile Company shop that opened on Gottingen Street in Halifax a couple of months ago. I adore this knob. I adore the shop. It is full of wonderful curiosities and one of a kind gems. You should totally check it out!


The chair is still terrible. It is fairly high on the ‘to do’ list, but I can’t decide what to do with it. A stripe? Another vinyl? A pattern? I’m so torn. I’d love suggestions. So far this room is soft blues, whites and black.

Have you ever distressed anything? What technique did you use?

Hope you have a great week.  🙂 Back next week with more ‘holiday-themed’ and wintery projects! T’is the season!

PS. We’re sharing this post with any and all of these awesome parties! Check them out!


Rescued Curbside Dresser with 'Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan'
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