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Easy DIY Birdhouses from Terracotta Pots

I’m back! And it feels soooooo good! Now that we have made significant progress on the basement studio space, I’ve been able to actually start doing a few smaller projects here and there. Don’t get me wrong, we still have miles to go before the basement space is finished, but most things now have a place – which means my painting and crafting table is free and open.

This year, we are committed to adding some fun touches to our outdoor space. We haven’t really done much out there since moving in (other than weed, pull plants, trim branches and dig out rocks…ugh).

Consider this step one in the outdoor beautification project! Today, I’ll show you the most simple and fun way to make easy DIY Birdhouses from Terracotta Pots!Hang birdhouses outside using solid screws

Here are the supplies you will need:

Step one is to trace your pot onto your cardboard. You are making a template to use for the plywood. If you trace the opening of the pot, the template will be a bit big, so cut it along the inside of the circle.

Test to see if it will fit snugly inside the pot. Leave about 1/4″ of overhang. If it doesn’t fit, that’s okay, just eyeball it and trim it until it does. It’s just a template after all.Cut a template for the birdhouse front

Now paint your pots! I chose to do mine in white chalk paint first, both as an accent colour and as a base for the other colours. Then I used green, purple and navy. Bright colours for outdoors!

While the paint dries, use your cardboard template to cut out a plywood piece exactly the same size. Lightly sand the edges.Use a jigsaw to cut the front from plywood

Now use your drill to create your birdie hole! I picked a spot about 2 inches from the edge of my plywood circle. Put the circle into your pot firmly and snug.Cut plywood circles for the front of the birdhouse

Make sure that the fronts are snug but that you are still able to pop them out when you need to clean your birdhouse each year.

Drill your screws into your post or fence or wherever and hang your birdhouse pots!


Birdhouses from plantersMake a birdhouse from a potA little space around the edges is okay too because eventually the birds will like to add their own touches of home with twigs and grass and such. I have mine hung on a giant piece of driftwood for now, but once I clean up our awning, they will go there. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.Cute little Terracotta pot birdhouses Painted pots turned birdhouse

Now I just have to wait for the birds to come and make a home 🙂  Our new pressure washer from Ryobi Canada just arrived this week, so we are hoping for some nice (warmish) weather to get outside and get cleaning. If I’m living right, I’ll be able to add in some fun planters to this space, some crisp outdoor stain and maybe a touch of whimsy! Stay tuned!

Here are some other fun paint and wood projects you might like!

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Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

SUCH a sweet idea!

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