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Basic Essentials for the Home Baker (especially if you bake with kids!)

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Inside: A list of the top baking essentials for the amateur baking enthusiast; this is for you if you aren’t a fancy baker, but just love to whip up sweet treats for friends and family.

I love to bake! Even though I’m not a professional or a perfectionist, I still like to carve time in my week to cook up something sweet and delicious. It is great bonding time with me and my daughter and it’s become such an incredible part of our week and our routine. 

But one thing occurred to me as I started to go further down the ‘baking with toddlers’ road and that is that an ounce of preparation is truly worth a pound of results. If you are a hobby baker like I am, it might be hard to collect all you need to make baking a breeze, but do it over time. That’s what I did.

Now, I have all the tools (well, most of them), to make baking as a family a total breeze – not to mention clean up and pantry organization. 

The fact is that you don’t need a lot of fancy baking tools and utensils to be a successful hobby baker. You just need some basics, good baking pans, and to spend money in the right place. 

Then just pick up the special pieces along the way!

Baking Essentials

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