Home Office

Decorating a Home Office with Function and Style

Inside: Things to consider when selecting lighting and rugs for a home office that you…

How to Install a Hanging Credenza Cabinet

Inside: Details on how to install an Ikea-like hanging credenza cabinet in the living room…

Airy and Bright Home Office Decor

Plans for my Airy and Bright Home Office

Have you been watching my IG Stories? Because if so, you’ll know that my office…

Make Your Own Lap Desk Pillow | No Sewing Required

Inside: Tutorial for making your own DIY Lap Desk Pillow in a few easy steps!…

Organize Your Computer Desktop with this Digital Wallpaper

Inside: Organize your Computer desktop with this simple digital wallpaper hack! This simple digital DIY…

How to Style a Rustic Bookshelf like a Pro

If you know me, you know I’m someone who loves to rescue old things and…

How to Transform a Dreary Bedroom into a Bright, Airy Home Office

We have been working on this room for. ever. But today, I can happily say…

A Spring Sunroom via diypassion.com

A Spring Sunroom: Upcycles & Updates

Spring time! Spring time! Spring time!

Choosing Art for the New Office

We’ve put together a few ‘concept’ collages of pieces that we really like. And we’d love to get your input on our decision!

That time we fixed a GIANT hole in our house

Howdy readers.. Dan here to share with you the story of the Giant Hole in…

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