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Choosing Art for the New Office

Hi friends! Dan here… and today, I’m asking you for some help with a decision!

As you know, we are headlong into the renovation and refurbishment of the master bedroom. And you’ll also recall that for the time being, we aren’t using it as a master bedroom, but rather as an office/studio space for Erin.

We spent all of last weekend putting putty in all the old holes and sanding and priming the dingy walls and we cannot wait to show off the results. (Later this month!) In the meantime, we’re considering furniture placement and, our favourite, an inspirational wall of art!

Choosing art is a personal journey. But, in this case, we are hoping for your help! 

Luckily, we were contacted by the lovely folks at Minted. They are offering up a couple of pieces for our new space. We’ve been going through the art marketplace on the Minted website and there are many lovely and awesome prints – we can’t make up our minds. We have put together a few ‘concept’ collages of pieces that we really like. And we’d love to get your input on our decision!

Up first!  My Curios…

Dan's Curios from

The site is cool in that it lets you “test run” the artwork before buying it by having pieces in virtual rooms. So naturally, I started to design a wall in a space that doesn’t even exist. This arrangement is something I imagine could class up the man room. Incidentally, this does NOT mean I’m breaking up with Velvet Elvis… we have an open relationship… don’t tell Erin.

Next, from the manly to the girly…

Erin’s Pretty Little Corner ConceptErin's Pretty Little Corner Concept from

Erin played with this arrangement for a while. Should the ballerina be BIG? Should the heart be small? These are all questions that still remain unanswered. Needless to say – she totally digs every piece in this mini collection.

Which one do you like best? What about frames?

Beyond that, we each styled a larger gallery wall – which will likely find a home in Erin’s new office space. We played around with pieces simple and complex, fun and challenging. As you can imagine, we went through approximately 3 zillion variations.

Can you guess which concept we each designed?

(Probably the most obvious ridiculous question ever asked in the history of this blog.)

1) Studio Wall Concept 1 with

2)Studio Wall Concept 2 with

Truthfully, there are pieces we both like from each, but seriously, who do you think designed the one with the skirt, shoes and ships,  and the one with planets and pineapples? (Once again, Captain Obvious!)

If nothing else, sites like Minted let you get lost playing with an imaginary space, which is pretty fun. The hard part is making the decision as to which to go with because, of the dozen or so we feature here, we had about 100 other pieces favourited!

Let us know what you think in the comments section or on social media.  Can you see any of these collections working for you? What do we go with? Ahhh! Decisions!!!

We’ll gather up your responses and go through our selections again. Hopefully, we’ll have a real gallery wall to show you in the next few weeks.

Oh and don’t forget to sign up for our e-newsletter. I’m taking over the helm as Editor-in-Chief of that bloggy department. Yikes!



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