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How to Hang an Instagram Photo Wall with IKEA Frames

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Inside: How to hang IKEA Ribba Frames on the wall to look like an Instagram grid; plus how to update IKEA frames with paint to match your home decor. 

I feel like I’m winning today. Because LB is almost 16 months old and I finally got some family photos up on the walls *face palm* I have had this idea for an Instagram Photo Wall since before she was born, but you know – life happened and I didn’t make time to do it…until now. I used basic IKEA frames (the square Ribba frames) to achieve this look! Here’s how to hang an Instagram Photo wall using Ikea Ribba frames and what you need to do it yourself 😉

By the way, I’ve done quite a few IKEA hack projects! You can check out this post that has a whole bunch of my favorite IKEA products that I’ve hacked, also check out my DIY changing table IKEA hack and why I love the Ranarp lamp.

Supplies for an IKEA Instagram Photo Wall


How to Hang IKEA Frames in a Grid

Step one : Lay your photo display out on the floor. I painted some of my photo mats to give them more interest and dimension. I made sure the same colour wasn’t side by side on my grid.

Step by step for how to hang an Instagram Photo Wall

Then you want to mark your wall. I found the easiest way to create the 9×9 grid was to draw the outline on my wall lightly in pencil. I used a level to mark where the bottom of the grid would fall, the outer edges and then the very top.

How to Hang an Instagram Photo Wall 2

How to Hang an Instagram Photo Wall

Then attach your Command Strips to your frames and start in the bottom left corner. Line up the bottom corner of the frame with the corner of your pencil square and firmly press the frame into place. How to hang an Instagram Photo Wall

Then follow the bottom line and add your next two frames. I found it was easier to do the corners first. Instagram Photo Wall with IKEA frames

After I finished the bottom row, I skipped up to the top row and repeated the process up there. Each time I hung a frame, I also checked for level just to make sure things were lining up properly!How to Hang an Instagram Picture Wall

Once the top row is finished, you have a choice… eye ball it for the middle row (which is actually what I did with Dan’s help) OR you can remeasure the distance between the ‘bottom of the top’ and the ‘top of the bottom’ and re-mark the wall for the centre frames. How to hang an Instagram Picture Wall

I seriously love how this turned out!! This is the spot where we put our boots and coats on in the morning and now it’s much prettier 🙂 DIY Instagram Photo Wall with DIY Painted Photo Mats

The chairs are painted in The FAT Paint Company’s Pistachio. The photo mats are Blue Slate, Peacock and Robyn’s Egg blue. I left the mats in black frames unpainted. DIY Instagram Photo Wall with DIY Painted Photo Mats

And now it’s making me think that I don’t actually have to paint the bead board on the stairwell anymore. I just can’t seem to make up my mind on the project. To paint or not to paint? I feel like until I’m 100% certain that it needs paint, I can leave it as is. DIY Instagram Photo Wall with DIY Painted Photo Mats

This project added such a nice pop of colour to that wall! Have you ever tried to hang a gallery wall like this before? What method did you use?

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