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IKEA Ektorp Sofa Review | Living Room Update

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Inside: My full review of the IKEA EKTORP Sofa with the both the white and soft blue slipcovers; including how to assemble it, a review of the slipcover, and how to compares to the IKEA Vimle. 

This post has been a really long time coming. I don’t know why I didn’t feel ready to fully review our IKEA Ektorp sofa until now, but after three years of ownership, I think I have a solid grasp on the pros and cons of this inexpensive slipcovered couch. We bought this Ektorp to replace a microfibre three-seater sofa and I must say I’ve had some regrets, but mostly positive things to say. 

ikea ektorp review

This is not my first Ikea couch rodeo. We have owned FOUR Ikea couches including this Ektorp and I have definitely done my research each time. In fact, we currently have the Ikea VIMLE in the playroom and that one is working out swell. You can read my Ikea VIMLE review here. 

Pros to the Ektorp

Let’s start with the positive aspects of this couch, shall we? We bought the three-seater sofa version. It also comes in a sectional, a chaise version and there is a matching ottoman as well. I think there might even be an arm chair version in the Ektorp line.  So the first pro is that you can really mix and match within the Ektorp line itself

I find it goes really nicely with some of the other classic Ikea designs like the Hemnes line and the Liatorp. 


The other major pro is the slipcover. While it’s not super easy to pull on and off, it is easy enough to remove and wash that I do it at least once a month (sometimes more often). One thing I’ll say is the washing instructions that come with the packaging are a bit less vigorous than I’d like. I’m able to wash our slipcovers in hot water and dry until just barely damp. This helps keep them allergen free and as crisp as possible. You can read more about my specific tips for keeping my slipcovers clean here. 

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Lastly, I will say a huge pro is the price. This sofa is less than $1000 and the replacement slipcovers range from about $89 to $129 depending on the style of sofa you have and the colour slipcover you want. At the end of the day, if your couch gets so dirty you can’t get it clean, replacing the entire cover will be far less expensive than buying an entirely new couch. 

Cons to the Ektorp

Brutal honesty? It’s not that comfortable. There I said it. It’s fine for sitting and having a conversation or hosting cocktail parties, but if you’re looking for a deep, lounge all day, watch movies in your pjs kind of couch- this is not it. I much prefer our Vimle for that. 

The Ektorp isn’t as deep as it looks and the cushions don’t have as much sink as some other deeper couches at Ikea. The other thing that is a con about the Ektorp is the seat height – which for me at 5-foot 4, I find a little high. 

While the rolled arms will likely always be a classic design feature of certain couches, they make this particular couch appear dated, which is a small thing, but if you want a modern slipcover look, this is also not the couch for you. 

If you want it to look polished, you have to put in the work. The Ektorp was designed to have a shabby-chic appeal and I won’t be surprised if Ikea phases it out of their line in the next few years. If you really want it to look showroom pretty, you will have to iron the slipcover regularly and pay really close attention to how you fluff the pillows. 

I find the seat cushions on ours bunch up in weird ways and don’t always sit nice and straight. It’s not bad if you sit down on them and bounce a bit, but it’s enough to be annoying. 

The last thing I’ll say about the Ektorp sofa is that it is NOT easy to move around. I didn’t think this would matter to me that much until I realized the vacuum doesn’t slid beneath it easily and it’s really hard to slide on the floor by myself. It’s heavy. I’d much prefer a more lightweight couch that I could easily shove around on my own while I’m cleaning. 

Okay, so would I buy an Ektorp again? 

Again, honestly? No. But let me explain. I’m super glad we have this slipcovered sofa for this stage of our lives when we have a toddler who likes to colour everything with crayons and an incorrigible dog that won’t stay off the furniture and is prone to drooling. But I do look forward to a time in the near future when I can own a grown up couch again. My overall impression of the Ektorp is that it is a transitional sofa that is not meant to be a forever piece of furniture. 

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