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I’ve been cleaning out my studio (again… I feel like I’m always cleaning it out!) and I uncovered a whole bunch of leather I forgot I had! I’ve worked with it quite a bit, but I wanted some inspiration for other projects to try. And anytime I’m searching for inspiration, I figure it makes sense to share…right? So here are 7 DIY Home Decor Projects using Leather…

Here are some places to get leather if you need some remnants!

I first worked with Leather when I Recovered This Old Chair! In retrospect, it was a challenging first go at a leather project, but it turned out alright. You can’t see in this shot, but I used chrome furniture tacks to add an industrial feel and they really make the piece shine! You can see the Full Chair Makeover Post here.

I also used remnants to whip up these adorable Holiday Themed Leather Coasters! This one was a simple project that you can DEFINITELY do with the kids. You can see the full Holiday Coaster Tutorial Here.

The last time I worked with leather, it was to create the easiest ever Air Plant Holders! This requires the TEENIEST amount of leather…so it’s economical and great for using up scraps. You can see the full Air Plant Holder Tutorial Here. 

In terms of projects I would like to try?! TOP on my list is this great DIY Rustic Leather Handled Tray by Southern Revivals! See her full post and tutorial here. 

You all know my baby girl has a FULL head of hair, right? Well – I might try my hand at these sweet little leather hair bows by Tinsel and Wheat! You can see that full tutorial here. 

I CANNOT get over this Leather Monogrammed Letter by Shades of Blue Interiors for…. It is like something out of a high end shop! I wonder if I could do a big B for my office? What do you think? You can see the full tutorial here. 

And last but not least – these DIY Leather Drawer Pulls are so simple and I think that’s why they are as popular as they are. I mean – who couldn’t do that? And it looks so chic and classic. I think this upgrade would look awesome on our front shoe cabinet. You can see the full post and tutorial on the drawer pulls here. 

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