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Spring time! Spring time! Spring time!

It sure hasn’t felt like spring in the Maritimes lately, but that didn’t stop us from making a few updates to our other ‘Favourite Room‘ in the house – the sunroom. You see, it adjoins to the dining room – so the favouriteness* just flows through. (*I know. That is not a real word.)

We had planned on picking away at this room as we found the time and the desire, but when Allison Saunders (aka The Food & Life editor at The Coast) contacted us about being featured in the upcoming edition, we knew we couldn’t say no!

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So we motored to get things prepped and primped for spring in our sunroom. We had some things ready to go, like our reupholstered storage ottoman and our curbside rescued dresser (I removed the legs to bring its sightline down slightly).

But we did have to put some energy into the rest of the room to get it ready in time for the photo shoot. However, with all the mayhem happening upstairs, we’re so glad we did.

It’s now a wonderful and welcoming Saturday morning solace, especially as that’s the time I devote to working on our new ebook!

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We made a few adjustments to our gallery wall. We swapped out most of the art for a giant mirror. You know the secret about that mirror? We bought it at Superstore for $50, seven years ago. It owes us nothing. It was glossy black, but two coats of brushed-on primer and three coats of white cabinet paint (applied with a high-pile sponge applicator) and she’s shiny and new!Spring Sunroom 6

We also added our newly printed watercolour photos, made via this awesome new app we’re obsessed with. And our corner is rounded out by our distressed side table, a blanket basket and some keepsakes.Upcycled table leaves into shelves

Speaking of keepsakes, remember when we remade this old drop leaf table? We took off the leaves and turned them into bracket shelves! Upcycle for the win!

It’s a great trick of the eye to mount your brackets upside down. All you have to do is drill straight through your board (or in this case table top) and affix the brackets using nuts and bolts on the underside.

A Spring Sunroom via

We round out that corner with Dan’s man chair and Larry the log  (who btw, is still a work in progress).

We want to say a huge thank you to Allison from The Coast and Jessica Emin who came to our place to photograph the sunroom for the upcoming edition. Both were super sweet, professional and awesome gals! We’ll definitely give you the heads up when the issue hits newsstands. 

We hit (another) snafu in the new office space upstairs, so that won’t be our post for next week because we really have nothing fun to report. Instead, I’m working on another really fun furniture reclaim that has some serious teeth. (It’ll all make sense, I promise!)

Love your guts!

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