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So much progress in the playroom! I honestly cannot believe we have it to the point where Dan and I can now hang out in there and watch movies again after LB has gone to bed. It felt like a long time between when we decided to rip up the flooring and start this room from scratch to where it is today. I realize it’s far from complete – we are still waiting on a back ordered sectional couch, wall shelving, lighting and baseboards and doors, but man – it still feels AMAZING to have a clean, warm, soft floor and to be adding furniture to the playroom. This week, we brought in the new rug and coffee table provided to me by as a sponsored product. 

I have worked with Wayfair many times over the years and I’m honestly always impressed at the speed of delivery and the quality of the goods we’ve ordered thus far. I was really nervous to order this rug online because it’s so hard to see colours and textures in photos, but it did not disappoint!

It was exactly the right thing for my vision for this room. My goal was to have a rug that would be super cozy, but allow us to take the room in any direction colour wise. And this is it!

The coffee table was a bit of an impulse addition to the room, but I absolutely LOVE it. In fact, at first I thought I wanted the white one, but a last minute switcheroo to the grey and I think it was meant to be. The round shape means no toddler head bonks on hard corners, plus I think it’s even a bit larger than our old coffee table which means more room for snacks. Or in this case, a lovely bottle of Blomidon Estate Tidal Bay wine. Somehow Dan and I lucked out and got invited to the Local Wines of Nova Scotia Tasting Event at the fancy Marriott Hotel in downtown Halifax this month. I don’t think we’d been on a real date night like that in years! I really enjoyed this particular vintage, so I picked up a couple bottles to share with movie night. I don’t think you can get it anywhere but Nova Scotia – so I guess you just have to come be a tourist here to try it! 😉 

Okay, enough about our socializing haha! The couch we’ve ordered is going to be navy blue. I admit I’m nervous that it might weigh the room down a bit, but then I stop and think about how many times a day I’m scrubbing the light upholstery on this couch and I realize a darker fabric is exactly what we need down here.

We are definitely keeping my DIY bedroom dresser turned media credenza in the space. I can’t believe how well it works with the rug! 

All in all, I feel like I’m in the home stretch with this room. FINALLY. I’m feeling so good about it that I’ve started to rip apart my Office! Yes, after Operation Playroom is complete, I will be moving onto Operation Office. So watch for some before photos and plans about that coming your way soon.

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I was gifted the rug and coffee table for the purposes of this room makeover and for this review post. All opinions are my own and I thank my sponsor Wayfair for being part of the story of our playroom!

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