Make your own Anthropologie-Inspired Wall Art Hangers {VIDEO}

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A quick craft tutorial (and video!) for creating your own Anthropologie-Inspired Wall Art Hangers! Clue: They are SPARKLY!

Hey all πŸ™‚ How’s it going?! To be honest, I’m going a little stir crazy over here. Winter months are a tough slog and I cannot wait for spring to arrive. The one good thing about being cooped up for so long is that it’s forcing me to use up all the stuff in my craft stash… which is exactly what inspired today’s post tutorial. And I made a Youtube video of this craft WEEKS ago and forgot to write a post. Ooops. So here it is πŸ˜›

I was looking for fun and quirky ways to add some art and inspiration into my studio space (because I cannot have enough of it apparently) and I remembered I bought these two pant hangers at the thrift store a while back. Yep. They are just basic pant hangers.

I’m sure you’ve seen people hang fun little art prints and what not from them before – that concept is not new at all, but of course, I wanted something a little more fun….dare I say blingy? Dare I say girly? I Dare.

Blingy and girly.

I’d been hoarding these jewel stickers forever. Why I have jewel stickers is beyond me. They must have been in a sale bin or something. I’ve seen them at both Michael’s and at the Dollar Store, so they mustn’t have cost me much. Y’all I know you think I’m super fancy… but these aren’t real diamonds… LOLOLOL *wink*

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First, I painted my pant hanger with metallic paint. I like to use this kind. It adheres well and actually looks metallic.

It took a couple of coats, but they dried quickly and were starting to look blinged out already. Then all you do is strategically stick your bedazzle stickers to the hanger!

Keep going like this until you have mostly filled up your hangers and then you’re finished! 

I used printables from my blogging pal Bre over at Brepurposed in mine. I love how they stick with the ‘sparkle’ theme! (Even though Dan made fun of me…. lol) 

I’m going to move these into the studio once we are finished painting and drywalling. It’s too dusty down there at the moment. I’m so excited to show you progress! You can see some of it over on our Instagram account πŸ™‚

Stay sparkly everyone! πŸ˜‰


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