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Whoever said ‘coastal’ design had to be ‘neutral’? Today, we’re talking about how to design a BOLD Coastal Bedroom with pops of colour and lots of texture!

Gah! I’m SO excited about the direction we are heading in our master bedroom, I can’t even contain it anymore. Here’s the back story. There IS NO back story. Our bedroom has always been function over form and a design ‘after thought’. When Dan and I first lived together in our 650 square foot apartment, space was at a premium. We invested in pieces that we didn’t love, but that maximized the foot print of our teeny tiny bedroom. (And when I say invested, I mean scoured online garage sales and thrift stores. We were dirt broke at the time too!)

Fast forward to when we moved into our current home and our bedroom, once again, became a bit of an after thought. We did blow out one wall and steal three feet from the second floor hallway to expand our closet. But then, life happened, and the traditional master of our house because my office for about 18 months. We slept in the back guest room during that time.

Once I got pregnant, however, we had to switch things back up. We moved back into the traditional master (now in an even sadder state than before), the guest bedroom became a guest bedroom again and my office moved downstairs to the studio where it was always meant to be.

Finally, we are ready to put some time and energy into this space. Make it our own. Bring some cozy class back to this sad, sorry, hod podge, mismatched, I don’t even know what this is, room. 🙂

The rest of our house has a coastal vibe to it – each room in its own way. The nursery is greens and blues, the guest room is soft blues and whites, the bathroom has some sandy tones mixed with sea glass colours and the living and dining room are mostly creams and whites. (You can see our full house tour here.)

But for the master bedroom we wanted BOLD coastal. Something a little more grown-up and unexpected. Coastal doesn’t have to be neutral. If you really look at the colours by the sea, some are quite vibrant and lively. That’s the direction we hope to go with our room!

We actually looked out our windows for inspiration. There is a small island that juts into the harbour passage across from where we live. It is covered in glorious spruce and evergreens and, lately, it’s been also covered in a gorgeous blanket of snow. Our colour inspiration came from that! We are going with a sprucey-teal for an accent colour and a warm winter white for the rest of the room. We haven’t decided on a colour yet, so watch our Instagram for when we paint some swatch samples!

The fun part, of course, is going to be the DECOR! We are starting from absolute scratch with the exception of our light fixture, which we love and is unfortunately discontinued. We are also keeping our queen mattress… but that’s about it! Everything else is being moved to other areas of the house, sold, repurposed or donated.

These are the pieces are are loving for the vibe we are chasing for our Bold Coastal Master Bedroom! What do you think?!?!  (Exciting?! Yeah!!!)

I’m eyeing a really fun wall treatment for the headboard wall too. I can see it in my brain, I just have to figure out how to make it real. To be honest, I’m not sure when this makeover will begin. If it will be a spring (like our guest room was) or a marathon (like my studio has turned out to be.) I believe at this point, it’s just important psychologically that we START SOMETHING. I guess I want to consider this post the official beginning of a project that has been a very long time coming. I really hope to be able to update you (even if it’s a small update!) soon-ish 🙂


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