DIY Dog Stocking Stuffer and Christmas Dog Bandana

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Inside: Surprise your dog this Christmas with a dog stocking stuffer and Christmas dog bandana in one! This is the cutest DIY gift idea – you can do it for cats too.

Every year, we put together a little stocking or gift set for our dog, Buddy. It usually has some new chew toys, some very special treats and often, something for him to wear like a new collar, new name tag or a coat. This year, I decided to figure out how to make your own Dog Stocking Stuffer! Dogs deserve Christmas too right?  Yes! This treat pouch also doubles as a Christmas Dog Bandana! (Buddy always wears one to catch his drool… haha)

To make this little treat, you’ll need: (contains affiliate links)

You’ll also need scissors, a glue gun and high value dog treats (not shown).

I cut my kerchief fabric based on Buddy’s old kerchief. He’s a big fella – so if your doggy is smaller, then just adjust proportionately. I cut a triangle of fabric that is 16″x16″x24″ approximately. Then, I simply used a piece of tissue paper and folded it into roughly the same size and laid it over the fabric, offset a little. 

Now’s the fun part! Gather up a pile of doggy treats. Bud’s fave is organic lamb lung. I broke them up so all the pieces were around the same size. 

Pull the fabric and the tissue paper around the treats to form a pouch and secure it with some colourful twine. 

Now use a few little dabs of hot glue to add eyes and a nose and some brown pipe cleaners to make antlers! 

Just make sure the eyes and nose aren’t secure too tightly. You’ll want to pop them off before tying the bandana onto your pooch πŸ™‚

Speaking of pooch – here’s my sweet ol’ boy Buddy wearing his bandana and waiting patiently for his treat! πŸ˜€

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