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Inside: A full list of fabulous copper kitchen appliances; stay on trend with fun and stylish kitchen accessories like canisters, table top appliances and other copper home accessories.

Nothing says warm and cozy to me like the glow of candles on metallic objects. Metallics are absolutely classic additions to your home decor and copper is especially lovely for fall. It’s a timeless look that you can count on for years to come. It adds warmth and depth and it’s excellent in the kitchen. Today, I’m rounding up my top picks for Copper Kitchen Appliances!copper kitchen appliances

The Benefits of Copper Kitchen Appliances and Cookware

People are moving away from using things like non-stick skillets and Teflon because of the potential health risks. I’m not an expert on this specific area, but I do know copper isn’t great to ingest or absorb in great quantities. It’s for this reason you want to shop carefully when adding it to your appliances and cookware. However, I believe the benefits far outweigh the potential cons and drawbacks.

For one, copper is a great conductor of heat! This is why many stovetop pots are copper. Remember Julia Child’s kitchen? She used copper pots and she is the master chef to rule all chefs! (This post uses affiliate links.)

copper kitchen appliances

Top Picks for Copper Kitchen Cookware

We have used Lagostina pots in our kitchen for a long time. I actually think it started as a Canadian brand and has since been purchased by another company. Nevertheless the quality and timelessness of these pots endures. They are heavy and non-scratch. While a bit pricey, they will last a lifetime if well taken care of. 

The best way to display these kinds of pots is on some sort of pot rack – either wall mounted or hung from a ceiling. I really love the way these copper pots look against the cool green backsplash in this shot!hanging copper pots

If you want to be super deluxe, get a made in France, genuine copper mixing bowl. Holy moly. This thing would be AMAZING. Although, I’d probably use it for decor display rather than cooking because it’s just so pretty!copper kitchen bowl

My other picks would be copper baking sets. Because copper is a great heat conductor, you might have to get used to how to bake using copper as it will transfer heat differently than regular stainless steel or coated baking pans. But imagine displaying these in your kitchen???

Top Picks for Copper Kitchen Appliances

Moving on from the Julia Child dream of copper cookware, appliances are also now being made in copper finishes. If you really want to avoid cooking with copper, this is the best route to go. Let’s start with the deluxe options, shall we? Goodness knows I love my Bay Leaf Green KitchenAid Stand Mixer, but this Professional KitchenAid in Copper is literally divine. copper kitchenaid mixer

How about a copper microwave? We just bought a new microwave and I wish we’d got copper! There aren’t very many makes and models available with this finish, but I bet we start to see more on the market. This copper microwave comes in at an amazing price point (like less than half of what we just spent) and would look great on a kitchen counter.copper microwave

I honestly don’t know why this makes me laugh so much, but yes – you can get a Copper George Forman Grill! These have come a long way since my single days living in a one-bedroom apartment in university. These grills are fabulous for small space living and why not increase the style factor by getting one in copper?? Love it. copper george forman grill

If you’re feeling like getting crafty (and not spending on new copper kitchen appliances or pots), then copper shelf lining paper could be your friend. I honestly think it is best used for craft applications, like decoupage, but I bet you could still figure out a way to line shelves with it or maybe even do some sort of backsplash treatment.

Copper Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Speaking of backsplashes! I haven’t had the courage to do a copper one in our house yet. We have a simple DIY bead board backsplash in our kitchen and a stencilled back splash in our master bathroom. Copper backsplashes are usually done using some sort of textured or hammered metal tiles.

And let’s not forget Copper Kitchen Sinks!

Lastly Copper Drinkware is super popular these days!

Whether you are storing cookies in copper canisters, using a copper coffee pot, or mixing up a Moscow Mule in a copper mug, copper kitchen appliances and accessories are certainly an option and perfect for fall.



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