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The Best Christmas Storage Containers & Organizers

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Inside: Tried and true methods for decluttering and organizing holiday decor; the best Christmas storage containers for trees, wreaths, ornaments, glass decor and gift wrap.

The holidays are great fun, but we also know they can be incredibly stressful. Part of reducing stress and actually enjoying the holidays, is finding simple ways to declutter holiday decor and keep your Christmas stuff organized. You all know that I’m an organization lover – I mean check out my small linen cupboard organization project! So today, I’m sharing with you The Best Christmas Storage Containers and Organizers!

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Organizing Christmas Decorations BEFORE the Holidays

A penny saved is a penny earned? Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but I do find an hour or so of organizing my holiday decor before the holidays hits is well worth it.

  1. Pull out ALL the holiday decor from every nook and cranny in the house and lay it all out in one room so you can see it all
  2. Itemize it by category
  3. Immediately toss anything broken or in total disrepair (like string lights)
  4. Now go thru each pile and touch everything, asking if it truly brings you holiday joy to have it out in your space every single year.
  5. Here’s the important part! IF you decide to keep it, make sure you have a PLAN for how you are going to sort and store it for the next year!

The Best Wreath Storage Solutions

For my wreaths, I actually like to store them right up on the wall. But I know that not everyone has that space or ability.

BUT, I know not everyone has that luxury and I actually have a few delicate wreaths that I like to keep more secure. For those, I like to use a wreath storage bag like this one from Amazon. I have a ton more options here on my Christmas Storage shopping page. Basically, you want to make sure your wreath isn’t squished and that it’s not going to jostle around too much in the bag. It’s still a good idea to hang it on a wall if you can.

How to Store Christmas Lights

DIY Christmas Light Storage

  • Wrap them around clothes hangers and put them in a closet or storage space on a wall. I like this method because it keeps each strand separate and allows you to see how many strands you have at once. This method can get a bit challenging for larger outdoor Christmas lights and specialty bulbs though.
    christmas light storage DIY
    courtesy Life Hacker

Easy Christmas Light Storage

  • Purchase a String Light Storage Tote. You’re welcome LOL. These are the best way to store Christmas lights in my opinion. The totes are stackable and opaque, so you can see what’s in them and even add labels.

The Best Ornament Organizers

For the ornaments themselves, I use a varied supply of special boxes. I did use shoe boxes for a while, but then I found I was losing at least one ornament to breakage and scratching each year. Now I use boxes that have dividers in them to keep all the precious glass balls safe and sound. Mine is like this flat Storage Tote . I stack them on top of each other in my storage cupboard. There are other options for divided storage though -A plastic Storage Tote, which would likely withstand moisture (say if you keep your stuff in a garage or cellar space) a bit better than my fabric one.

Still need inspiration for Christmas Ornament Storage?

How to Store Glass Christmas Ornaments or Family Heirlooms

Many of us have a few special Christmas ornaments that have been passed down or that hold some degree of sentimental value. I try not to lump those into the same bins with all the other ornaments and decorations and instead set aside a special box just for those decks. I use tissue paper to wrap them before putting them into the box and don’t overstuff the box either. I fill it only half way to reduce the potential for crushing.

How to Organize Christmas Gift Wrap

This is another one of those areas that can easily get out of control during the holidays! If you’re looking for a fabulous way to repurpose some space in your house, check out my DIY Gift Wrapping Storage Station!

Basically I took an old Ikea bookcase and turned it into a small corner where I can keep all my holiday wrapping paper. It’s easy to switch out seasonally for birthdays and spring time. gift wrap storage

Other ways to store gift wrap include an over the door solution and using a long plastic tote that slides beneath a bed.

Declutter and Organize Holiday Decorations for Next Year

Now, once the holidays are over and you’re packing everything back up….this is the time to go through the process listed at the top of this post AGAIN! I find the aim of the game is to make a little bit of room each time so that you can get a new holiday decor treat each year and not worry about having space to store it 🙂

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