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Inside: Boho decor inspiration with this DIY serving tray! Transform your home with bohemian style and a little bit of paint! (tutorial included).

I’m not sure what it is about the boho decor movement that people love, but I think it’s the no fuss mentality alongside the dose of pattern. Bohemian style has been around for a long time and it really just means ‘going with the flow’ or doing your own thing and mixing and matching. 

Lots of people are updating their spaces to include bohemian decor elements these days! So this tutorial will show you how to get some DIY Boho Home Decor in your life if you’ve got a spare hour or two and a tired old thrifted tray.

Note, my tray is a hexagon shape, which seems to be a popular shape for gift baskets and floral arrangements! You might get lucky and find one at your local thrift store for a few cents – but this tutorial works just as well on a plain wooden tray that is a rectangle.

What is Bohemian Decor?

Boho decor is meant to be full of vibrant life and express a culture. It’s been associated with global style and eclectic style too. It’s got a carefree feeling to it, where nothing is truly perfect or curated and it can often feature unusual things. 

In terms of colours, bohemian home decor tends towards natural and earth hues, which is why this tray tutorial is the perfect place to start. It relies on natural wood stain and simple white paint. 

Close Up DIY Hexagon shaped boho tray
Yield: 1 tray

DIY Boho Home Decor | Easy Craft Project

Boho decor inspiration with this DIY serving tray! Transform your home with bohemian style and a little bit of paint!


  • A thrifted wooden tray (or you can buy one at a craft store)
  • A Multi-tool with a sanding bit
  • Wood stain in colour of choice
  • White Paint
  • Polyurethane to seal it


  1. The first thing you'll want to do is sand down you tray. If yours is like mine and you bought it at a thrift store, the point is to sand it down to the bare wood. Sanding serving tray boho style
  2. Once you get it to a point that you like it, you have a choice. You can just leave it natural looking, which is incredibly bohemian in style, or you can restain it to match your other decor or your tastes. I chose to restain it because I wanted the white pattern to have more pop.staining boho serving tray
  3. To stain it, simply apply an even coat of Minwax Gel Stain to the entire tray and wipe off the excess stain with a rag. Use even strokes and go with the grain of the wood.staining a wood tray
  4. Allow your stained tray to dry, ideally overnight until it's not sticky or tacky anymore. minwax on a serving tray
  5. Then sketch a loose pattern down the middle of the tray. I measured random points along the edges and then just connected them with straight lines in order to get the boho pattern you see. Once I had it looking the way I wanted it on one side, I just repeated it on the opposite side and connected all the dots together. painting boho pattern serving tray
  6. Then I filled it in with white paint and sealed it with poly to prevent ring marks. Hexagon Tray Finished

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I love this finished product so much! I feel like it adds a cool style to the boring coffee table. By the way, we replaced that coffee table with this DIY Typography Table and haven’t looked back. Word art is another bohemian decor trend that you might want to consider as well and typography is a cool way to do it!

Boho Style Serving Tray DIY


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