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Inside: A DIY Tutorial to make your own Himmeli style hanging plant holder; a simple craft for an afternoon; made with Rose gold piping

I’m officially introducing you to the first of my three fabulous DIY Passion Creative Team Members today! Darlene blogs at Paper Rose Blog and as soon as I saw her gorgeous photos, simple, elegant decor projects and her sunny, soft aesthetic I knew you’d love her! Today, she’s sharing her simple DIY Tutorial for a Rose Gold Himmeli Planter. Please share and check out Darlene’s blog and social channels too! <3 – Erin

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Easy DIY Rose Gold Himmeli Planter

Rose gold is everywhere; chic office supplies, jewelry and home decor.  What if you could create a stunning rose gold piece to be practical and chic to boot?  Enter the hanging himmeli plant hanger.  Himmeli comes from the Swedish or German root, meaning “sky” or “heaven”.  And once you make it, you will believe it is from heaven; not only is it stunning, but so easy to make.

Supplies to make a Himmeli Style Plant Holder

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*(Make sure to use caution when handling the cut copper tubing as it is sharp.  Also, to get your measurements just right, try a mock up version using straws).

How to make a Planter out of Copper Piping

You will have to straighten out the copper tubing prior to cutting it. Use the base diameter of your pot for the measurement of the shortest piece of tubing.  The bottom of my pot measured 5.5 cm in diameter so that became the length of the first shortest three pieces.

The second measurement for the next six pieces of copper tubing can be variable, either the same height of your pot or higher. The height for this second length measured 9.5 cm. The last measurement for the last three pieces can also be variable. It should be at least twice as long as the second measurement. Mine measured 21 cm.

  • Gather all of your supplies together.
  • Measure out the length that you want for each piece of copper tubing, mark it, then line up the marking with the round blade and gently tighten the bottom screw. Rotate the cutter around the copper tubing until it feels looser then gently tighten again and repeat until the tubing is cut. Make sure not to over tighten initially as you may bend the tubing
  • You will have three small pieces, six medium pieces and three large pieces.
  • Take steel wool and polish each piece until the whole piece is one colour (without the worn grooves) This is where the copper transforms into a beautiful rose gold! You can use the steel wool or sandpaper to smooth off the cut ends of the tubing.
  • You should have three different sets of tubing; 3 short pieces, 6 medium pieces and 3 long pieces
  • Take your hanging wire (the length of the 3 small and 6 medium pieces total plus extra for tying) and string it through the 3 short pieces, connecting them into a triangle.
  • Have both ends of the wire come up out of two of the joining base triangle pieces and into a next medium sized piece and then into a second medium sized piece
  • Continue to string the wire back through and out of one of the base pieces prior to adding two more medium sized pieces
  • Repeat #3 and #4 one more time
  • Tie off this piece of wire after running it through one of the base pieces again.
  • Loop a new piece of wire (the length of a small piece, two medium pieces and two long pieces 66.5 cm total for my measurements) through the top of the middle piece, down through the corresponding base piece and back up through second middle piece.  Even out the ends of the wire coming out of the two middle pieces.
  • Repeat #7 for the other two sides until all three sets of wires are coming out of the tops of the three longest pieces.  Twist each pair together and then twist all three pairs of wire together and create a loop with all of the wires
  • Use fishing line from the loop to a drywall screw hook from the ceiling.

Styling your Himmeli Planter

The himmeli planter looks best when hung over a surface or high enough in a corner of a room as to not get bumped when walking by.  A larger hanging himmeli would look lovely in a corner of a living room.

This hanging himmeli planter looks striking over a dresser.

Or even a buffet in a dining or living room area.

It is equally as stunning over an office desk area.

Now you are ready to create your own Rose Gold Himmeli masterpiece with this easy DIY.  There is major impact for very little cost and effort.  If you like what you see please pass it on.

Blessings,  Darlene, Paper Rose Blog

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