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Beyond excited to introduce you to the work of another member of the DIY Passion Creative Team! I met Lidia in September at Blog Podium and her energy and enthusiasm was contagious and I just loved her from ‘hello’. I was quite humbled when she applied to be part of the team. Please head over to the bio page to read more about Lidia and what she does at Design Inside the Box and then read on for her tutorial for this cute DIY Magnetic Scrabble Board 🙂

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Hello there!  I’m Lidia, a blogger who is all about creating functional beautiful spaces no matter what the size!  That sometimes means getting crafty and today’s project shows you just that – I hope you enjoy it!  Come check out my other projects at the end of this post as well – I hope they’ll inspire you!

I love wall art. I especially love wall art when it’s interactive. That’s when the idea for a DIY scrabble board was born!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Make sure to print off the Scrabble board a few times to be sure that the tiles will be the right size for the Scrabble board – you don’t want them to be too small or too big. In my case I printed it on a piece of 11″ x 17″ paper making the Scrabble board itself 11″ x 11″. That allowed it to tuck into the mat of my frame quite nicely and the squares on the board were pretty much the perfect size for the Scrabble tiles.

You won’t need the picture frame glass for this project so pop that out first and set it aside. Next up is to mount your game board onto the magnetic paper and secure it to the backing of the picture frame using double-sided tape or plain old glue.

Don’t worry if your magnetic sheets don’t cover the entire backing of the picture frame. As long as the empty spaces are covered by your mat, you’re golden! Now put the frame back together and bam! You’ve got yourself a magnetic Scrabble board!

But now you need magnetic tiles!  Ready for the easiest DIY ever?! Take your Scrabble tiles and apply a magnetic dot to the back of each tile.

And you’re done! (See?! Told you it was easy!)

I used the 3M Command Strips to secure the frame to the wall in our guest bedroom and I added in a little plate (with a cute little sign my in-laws picked up for us) beside it to hold the rest of the Scrabble tiles.

So far my 3 year old has gotten into it and while my hubby claims that he hasn’t been playing with it, I know he’s lying!!!

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