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Christmas and Holiday decorating continues today with this latest Creative Team post from Darlene at Paper Rose who is showing us how to make a DIY No-Sew Holiday Bunting. Make sure to check out her bio on the Team Page and if you haven’t already, check out her Himmeli style copper planter project too!

Himmeli Planter

Today’s project is an Easy DIY No Sew Christmas Banner

Are you looking for that one piece that ties all of your existing or desired Christmas decorations together? And I can bet you at this time of year you don’t have a ton of time and you don’t want to bring out the sewing machine. I have just the piece for you! Enter the easy, no sew fabric Christmas banner. It fits all styles of decor and you can completely customize it for a very affordable price tag.

First think of all the colours that you have in your living room or dining room. Then look for fabric that combines at least three of them together. This is your starting point. I picked a fabric that was floral (which is what I love) and had three of the main colours in my home; light pink, raspberry red, and turquoise. The raspberry red is the one colour I add in for the Christmas season.

Supplies to make a DIY No Sew Christmas Banner: (affiliate)

  • Three colours of fabric (one patterned) The patterned fabric measured 18” x 21” and I was able to cut 14 large triangles (one for each letter of my chosen message – “MERRY CHRISTMAS”)
  • Heat n Bond Lite
  • Iron
  • Printed letters of saying from chosen font (Merry Christmas)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Pinking shears
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper

Cut large triangle pattern out of thicker paper. My triangle piece measured 7 ½“ x  7 ½” x 6”

Take your large triangle pattern and cut out a smaller triangle from the middle of the larger one. This small triangle measured 4 ¼ “ x 4 ¼ “ x 3 ¼” This will be the middle piece between the larger triangle and the letter. You will end up with 14 large triangles and the same amount of the small.

Trace the small triangle onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond Lite. Iron the Heat n Bond LIte with the traced triangle (paper side up) onto the chosen small triangle fabric. Cut out this triangle with pinking shears (The pinking shears help the fabric not to fray).

Cut out your printed letters. Trace them onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond Lite. Reverse the letter prior to tracing it onto the Heat n Bond if the letter is not a symmetrical one (eg. “C” is not symmetrical but “H” is).

Iron on the traced letters on the Heat n Bond Lite to the chosen fabric for the letters. Cut out the letters from the ironed on Heat n Bond Lite and fabric.

Peel off the backing from the letter and the smaller triangle. Place the small triangle onto the patterned fabric and then place the letter on top of the small triangle. Press both letter and small triangle at the same time on a low (silk) setting with no steam for about 5 seconds (follow the Heat n Bond Lite instructions). Repeat for each letter and smaller triangle.

Line up all of your triangles on top of the ribbon (right side up) and leave extra ribbon on each end. Use the glue gun to dab three dots of glue on the ribbon (right side up) and place the finished triangle where you want them.

Once you have the supplies, it takes no time for this project to come together. Then you will want to create one for your child’s room (with their name on it) and even for birthdays too! Your holiday guests will be asking you where you got it and then asking you to make them one.  

Have fun creating holiday magic with this creative, stunning piece.

Blessings from my house to yours,


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