How To Make Elegant Spring Wreaths – The Ultimate Guide

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spring swag wreath, How To Make Elegant Spring Wreaths - The Ultimate Guide

Spring is my favorite season. I love the fact that the weather becomes warmer, and I love the smell of nature in full bloom. 

Each year I like to make a spring celebration of sorts. This so-called celebration of mine is actually making different spring wreaths every spring and displaying them on my front door. 

To be honest, I like to show-off everything I make, especially when it comes to home and porch décor. I’ve always been fond of plants, and I don’t mind the artificial ones too. When you are a visual type, the aesthetics really matter. 

That is why I am always looking for ways to make my home more appealing by adding and arranging stuff outdoors and indoors.

This year, I decided to go with a spring wreath DIY project and make one of the colorful and elegant spring wreaths. When I think of elegance, I always think of simple, yet refined things. The spring wreath should be no different. 

That is why my choice was affordable and easy to make a DIY spring door wreath.

So, when you look for an elegant or rather classy, yet simple, and inexpensive spring wreath, just look at the rest of the article. I am sharing the whole step by step process with you. 

There are plenty of spring wreaths for the front door you can choose from, but if you like an elegant touch, this DIY is a perfect choice.

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What are Spring Wreaths?

Spring Swag for Front Door, What are Spring Wreaths?

Spring wreaths are typically a part of home décor, and they can be sorted by the occasion, style, or season.  

The main advantage of the spring wreaths is that they can be both elegant and simple, and they fill any space with color, life, and authenticity. 

DIY spring wreaths are great if you are tight on the budget, and especially if you enjoy crafts. Also, it adds personality to space and allows you to use your creativity and improve your skills. 

If you are not really a flower person, there are a lot of options for DIY wreath projects without flowers to look into. You can choose from various minimalistic wreath designs, and they might be suitable for your needs.

They are also a great way to refresh your entryway for spring or to gear up your backyard for spring.

Tools Required

Tools Required, elegatn spring swags
  • Wirecutter (I know that scissors may sound like a better option, but it is easier and faster to cut the flowers using the wire cutter)
  • Hot glue gun (buy additional glue sticks, just in case) 
  • Gloves (especially if you have sensitive skin)

Materials needed to DIY an Elegant Spring Wreath

  • At least 8in an embroidery hoop (I used the 10in one, the biggest from the set)
  • Colored yarn (choose the color that goes with the door, I like neutral colors, so vanilla for me)
  • Artificial flowers (I went with multicolor Chrysanthemum, but you can adjust. You can even use the mix of diverse flowers. Just make sure the colors are complementary.)
  • Artificial greenery (Eucalyptus goes well with any flower, and it adds a little extravagance.)
  • Metal thread (If you have a yard and some thin metal wire, you can use it instead. Just make sure that it is not visible when you use it to attach the flowers and the greenery.)

How to make an Elegant Spring Wreath?

spring wreath swag, How to make an Elegant Spring Wreath?

Step 1 – Make the hoop look elegant

Having a typical embroidery hoop might not look like a first choice when it comes to elegant spring outdoor wreaths, but once you add colored yarn, that impression changes rapidly. 

As I already mentioned, I used the neutral vanilla color, but the yarn color depends on the flowers you choose, and also on the door you have. 

Once you decide the yarn color based on these two things, take that yarn and start wrapping it around the hoop. 

Make sure that the rows are consistent and that they cover the hoop evenly. Note that the rope needs to be tightly wrapped. 

Make sure to strengthen the ties at the beginning and at the end. I use the hot glue gun here, just to make sure that the yarn sticks and the structure of the wraps are untouched at all times. 

Step 2 – Arrange the flowers

DIY Making Realistic Flowers from Foam Material, Arrange the flowers

This is the main part of this spring wreath’s DIY project. You must consider the type of flowers and the arrangement beforehand. 

Use the wire cutter to make the stems as short as possible, and then use the metal thread and the hot glue gun to attach the flowers to the already prepared hoop.

Fortunately, spring allows you to be as imaginative as possible, but remember that the elegance is often mirrored in simplicity. 

For me, chrysanthemums are one of my favorites, and I find them not only elegant but soulful. I’d like to add that when it comes to spring flower wreaths, roses are also a timeless choice for elegance. 

What matters is that each flower has a previously determined spot and that it perfectly complements your door. 

There are several other flowers you can take into consideration. Here are some of the most common spring types: Crocus, Camelia, Snowdrops, Roses, Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, etc. 

Step 3 – Greenery as a personal touch

diy spring wreath swag, Greenery as a personal touch

There are multiple ways to add greenery to the wreath. What I like to do with my spring wreaths ideas is to place the greenery beneath the flowers. 

This way, the texture seems richer, and I get to make the final adjustments of the overall arrangement if necessary.

The principle of attaching the greenery is more or less the same as with the flowers. You have to predetermine the pattern you want to use and then attach the leaves using metal thread or the hot glue gun (or both). 

The one thing you should keep in mind is that you should avoid putting more than the minimum amount of wire and glue. The aesthetics of the wreath can be disturbed if there are metal threads or glue bumps all over the place. 

Types of Elegant Spring Wreaths

Navy Foyer

Spring wreaths for front door

spring wreath outdoors, Spring wreaths for front door

The best spring wreaths or even spring summer wreaths for the front door are the ones that look realistic and elegant, but at the same time, they are not expensive. They are the embodiment of the perfect balance of nature, found only during the spring. 

There are many spring wreaths for the front door you can take as a reference, or even buy online. I like neutral ones, like nearly natural 22in spring floral wreaths. – Check prices here

Another great and simple wreath is also known as Lamb’s ear wreath. It is an excellent choice for those who are not fond of floral wreaths as it uses the greenery only. – Check prices here

When it comes to colorful spring wreaths, I also enjoy the yellow and cheerful sunflower wreath. This wreath is rich in material and beautifully crafted. Just as the sun brings warmth, the sunflower wreath brings you joy and coziness even before you open the front door. – Get prices here

Spring flower wreaths

artificial tulip, Spring flower wreaths

If you are looking for an opportunity to combine all of your favorite spring flowers into one perfect home décor element, a spring flower wreath is just the thing you need. Oh, so many options you can choose from! 

Whether you want to have one type of flower with different colors, or you want multiple flower types combined, it is really just up to your preference.  

You can look at the gorgeous pink & blue wreath that’s made from Craspedia, delphiniums, lavender, acridinium, and helichrysum. 

Tulip wreath, white-themed wreath, or even wildflower wreaths, are all incredibly beautiful and make a perfect fit or perfect gift for all of us who enjoy the colors of the spring. 

Spring outdoor wreaths

Flower wreaths decorated with eggs on wood, easter backgrounds, Spring outdoor wreaths

The list of all kinds of wreaths you can make or buy wouldn’t be complete if I don’t add at least a few spring grapevine wreaths in here. 

The one that is on my bucket list is called the ‘’poetic’’ wreath. And the name suits it very well. It is a stunning combination of white, blue, and red hydrangeas, and perfectly arranged greenery. 

The 21in size is also great for the porch door, and since the main material is silk – it can be used for both, spring and summer season. I fell in love with this wreath as soon as I saw it online, and I will definitely try the DIY version too.

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