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A Five-Minute Spring Entryway Refresh

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It’s March 1st. It’s a full moon. And I AM READY to set a spring intention and make it happen. This winter hasn’t been a bad winter in our part of the world, but spring? Spring always feels good no matter what. I went shopping last week for some items to refresh our entryway and in the process, I also seemed to refresh my energy. 

Clearing the winter dust, salt and cobwebs in our teensy foyer helped me do the same within myself. (By the way, you can see this foyer decked out for winter here, including the tutorial for those adorable scrap wood trees) As most of you know, I am an intention-setter. I work daily on my alignment, connection, and gut-checking just about everything I do, in my personal life and in my business. February felt like I got a bit bogged down. My heart and mind were quite cluttered. I was having trouble sleeping. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled at the end of each day. And I felt a build up of resistance within me. 

I could’t pin point what was causing it. I believe it was probably a combination of a bunch of things. But what I could do was commit to sweeping away those feelings of dissatisfaction and fill that void with thankfulness, renewal and a fresh outlook. I make it sound easy – it’s not easy to deal with bad feelings. I think often we are told to push bad feelings away, when really the challenge is to tackle them, question them, uncover what is causing them and deal with that

When I dug down, hit the core of it – I’ve been seeking a deeper connection to growth. Hello spring! I feel like spring is all about the world reaping the benefits of a period of dormancy, of watching new things spring from the decay of the old, of seeing new colours, new perspectives, new LIFE. 

This month, I harnessed that growth mentality and started a vlog about our bathroom renovation – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before and you know what? It energized me in ways I couldn’t anticipate. I heard from so many of you about how you appreciated the raw and the real, watching me share with you what life is really like when we are renovating. Man – it was like breathing fresh, awesome, life giving air. 

And on the last day of February, I made the announcement that I’ve teamed up with Atlantic Live Stream to launch my own Facebook Live show – called Erin Trafford LIVE. It feels like a terrifying step for one reason – it’s mine. It’s my name. It’s my essence. And it’ll be my truest connection to myself, this blog and to you. My promise to myself – my intention, if you will – is to make this show as real as possible. Every idea I have, I will assess to see if it makes me feel ‘old hat’, boring, or unafraid. Because this spring, I want to live with my fear, face it, challenge it and tell it to go frig off. So Spring with me… set an intention, sweep away the cobwebs… create an entry for you to open the doors to opportunity… And I’ll be right there with you.


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