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So, I have this thing about ‘holiday’ decor – I really don’t like to spend a lot of time or energy on it and I prefer to update or use things I already have to create it. (Remember my Potted Paper Christmas Trees? My Hanging Wooden Star Display?)

I allow myself to splurge on one or two holiday items per year. That stops it from building up and keeps me on budget too!

I was cleaning out our dining buffet (getting ready to makeover that room) and I found these three plates. They were once really cute. But one broke and the others have chips all over them. You actually can’t see the chips very well in this photo, but trust me, they are there.


So, I did what any good DIYer would do and I whipped out the spray paint. Okay, so I wanted to use white – but then I realized I have three cans of white spray paint, none of which had enough left to complete this project. DIYer Fail? So I opted for light blue instead.


Then I grabbed some sticker paper, a Sharpie, measuring tape and scissors and I wrote Ho Ho Ho! As usual, I free-handed it and I made the letters large enough to cut out.


Then I stuck them to my blue plates. And I really went over the stickers with my fingernails to make sure there weren’t any bubbles. Next step? Cardinal Red spray paint. (And in another DIYer fail, I used a leftover piece of vinyl flooring outside as a drop sheet and I overshot and I may or may not have gotten a line of red paint on our outside deck… so ya… I guess we’ll have to sand that out in the spring.) Moving on.  🙂


Okay, so once the red is sorta dry, use a utility knife to carefully peel up the letters! The trick is to do this when the paint is still tacky.

But then I thought they looked a little too Dr. Seuss for my taste. So to complete the plates, I used plain old white latex paint to make some polka dots – snow?

Using basic plate hooks, found in the picture hanging aisle at the hardware store, I put them up! Found items turned holiday decor, for free!


I hung them above our buffet along with those little starburst mirrors from Target. The bobbles on the buffet actually light up and they are so pretty at night. And you can’t really tell in this photo, but those white plates are rimmed with gold! I got them at the thrift store for $1.25 each and we are going to use them for Christmas dinner.


Now, speaking of Christmas dinner and dining – our dining room is next in line for a makeover! It’ll be a January/February project. Basically, when we moved in, this room was dingy dingy dingy. It had a ceiling fan above the dining table!! We replaced that fan with the geometric pendant light (which is staying because I love it) and we brought in our Pier One rubberwood table. One of the first things to be tackled will be the buffet. It was from an estate sale and we snagged it for $10!! Big plans for that piece – let me tell you!


Within a week of moving in, I spent hours edging and painting all the dark, mismatched wood panelling and then randomly chose this putty grey for the walls. It’s alright – but it’s not the vibe we want, especially since we finished off the kitchen. So you can bet there will be some changes to the colour and the mood of this room too. The chairs were $12 each off Kijiji and will finally be getting a long-awaited makeover.

Dining Room Before 2

That small display shelf is doing an okay job holding our wine and cocktail glasses now, but it’s not ideal. Truthfully, it’s a bit too open with Buddy and his giant wagging tail. There have been many near-catastrophes. So, I’ll be looking to add in some smarter storage and display as well. Not to mention artwork. The large piece and the portrait piece are thrifted. I like the portrait, but the big piece might go into storage for a while. I’m not entirely sure yet. We’ll see how the rest of the room evolves.


Anyway – just a head’s up on what to expect in the new year from us! OH! And speaking of the New Year!! How are we going to accomplish this dining room project and much more?! Why, by partnering with the premium paint brand and company PARA Paints! That’s right! DIY Passion has been selected as one of five blogs to be on the new 2015 PARA Blog Crew!! (Remember our audition?) This is a big deal for us and it will really help us achieve our pending bloggy goals. Can’t wait to share more with you about this amazing partnership.

Hope you’ll come back this week because – Guess what?!? It’s December DIY Challenge time this Wednesday and our item this time was Clear Glass Ornaments. You definitely won’t want to miss that post (mainly because things got a little sweary up in here.) Seriously. Just wait for it.  🙂

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Chat soon,

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