How to create a Hygge DIY Home without going overboard

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Inside: Tips for a Hygge DIY home that will feel cozy, welcoming and simple. 
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This post should probably be called ‘how to stop shivering in this Canadian deep freeze and start enjoying life’ lol, but I wrote a post about Hygge last January, so I figured I’d update you all on how my Quest for Hygge DIY is going!

There is definitely a close connection between the Danish art of Hygge and home decor, so today, I’m sharing tips for how to create a Hygge DIY Home without going overboard (and feeling like you have to makeover your house!)

Before we get to that, you might want to start small and check out how I created a sweet and simple Hygge tablescape for our dining room.

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What is Hygge and how do I bring it into my home?

hygge home decor

It all started for me when I read about Hygge in this book.

I have since flipped through it countless times, searching for inspiration on how to simplify, cozify (<- not a word) and bring an air of ‘realness’ to our home.

If you are new to the Hygge concept, I highly recommend picking this book up and keeping it on your nightstand. In fact, the act of doing that is ever so Hygge! 🙂 – Get it here

The definition of Hygge

hygge living room, diy hygge

In truth, Hygge isn’t really about home decor, but about the feeling, home or space creates for its occupants.

Because it’s a Danish concept, and it gets super cold and wintery there, it has become a ‘winter’ idea in North America.

My goal is to be Hygge all year!

Hygge for beginners

What if your home is the place where you want to hang out the most? Instead of the cafes, bars, or clubs, it’s your home that calms you the most.

Having your favorite cup of coffee in your warm stocking in front of the chimney and listening to Lofi music, there cannot be any place better than this.

If you have created such a pleasant environment in your house, you have found hygge.

Pronounced like Hoo-gah, hygge is a Danish concept and term that was introduced to the world a few years back. It was even shortlisted for the Oxford Dictionary in the year 2016.

However, there is no particular definition or translation that can exactly define what is Hygge.

It is both a feeling and a practice of coziness and feeling good about the moment. Hygge in-home synonyms with the feeling of wellness and peace all around the place.

How to hygge?

There are dozens of ways to do so, here are some of them:

  • You can use candles around your place to create a warm and cozy environment. It always works, even for the hygge for beginners.
  • Bring nature inside your homes like wood, plants, or leather. All these add a homely touch to your place. Greenery can make you feel happy and light also it cleans the air.
  • Use calming colors like neutral and muted times. Colors like grey and white can create a perfect hygge mood.
  • Light colors make your home look airy.

How to blend Hygge and the Home

hygge interior design, diy

For now, one of the main things I do is incorporate blankets onto almost every seat in the house.

From our two living room couches to occasional chairs to the basement playroom, no space is without a blanket.

I’m so in love with all the faux fur ones around now!

They have become so popular that you can get them at reasonable prices, which is great when you’re like I am and want to switch things up! – Get them here

The next thing I do is cozy up US!! LB is almost walking (and she’s talking up a storm!) and we’ve been basically letting her live in these little baby Padraig slippers.

They have padded bottoms and knit tops with elastics that keep them on her tiny feet. They are the coziest of cozies and people comment on them all the time.

DIY Hygge: What to wear

DIY Hygge: What to wear

I am now obsessed with wearing cozy sweatshirts and thermal long pants every evening when we are hanging out as a family.

I am OBSESSED with these Hanes Thermal pants because they look decent enough to wear around the house and I can also wear them to bed on super cold nights. – Get them here

Combined with GIANT knitted reading socks and I am the belle of the basement playroom ball. – Shop here

LOL But in all honesty, they make such cute sweats now, it’s hard to resist owning a couple.

In terms of home decor, I like to keep the house soooooooo simple in the winter, like borderline austere.

I keep the table set with some woven placemats and I’m really loving having some eucalyptus branches around. They are fresh and wintery at the same time.

Keeping these out on the table means it’s always ready for a warm cup of soup on a chilly weekend afternoon, or for a quick family meal on weeknights.

It’s a super small thing – but it totally makes a difference when you’re combatting the winter blues.

Hygge DIY ideas for bedroom

Did you know there’s a Scandinavia concept that can change how you feel, make you happier, and your surroundings beautiful?

The concept is called Hygge (pronounced as Hoo-gah), which is a Danish word having no translation in English.

The concept is all about feeling cozy and comfortable wherever you are, particularly during winters. It is associated with everything from decorating your bedroom to consuming warm and soothing drinks.

There are a lot of hygge bedroom ideas through which you can get this hygge feeling.

Here are some DIY ideas for bedroom hygge that can make you feel very soothing.

Especially during the winters, you can do certain things to feel cozy and warm.

  • Twinkle Lights: Lights are one of the major parts of hygge. You can bring twinkle lights in your bedroom to have calming and soothing vibes all over. Consider picking a mild color, it can be muted yellow or mild pink. Try picking the color that you can light even while sleeping.
  • Blankets and Throws: Blankets already are warm and make you feel good. But when you choose the right material and color, they can be very comforting. You can pick a hygge crochet blanket from online stores or a beige-colored throw for your bed. These add brightness to your bedroom and look very calming. – Get blankets here
  • Candles: There is no better hygge bedroom idea than lighting candles. Use different kinds of candles and put them on the bed-side table to feel positive.

Larger Projects that Create a Hygge DIY Home

Larger Projects that Create a Hygge DIY Home, hygge crafts

The other thing we’ve been doing is …. wait for it… making efficiency upgrades to the house. Also upcycling your furniture forms part of a great hygge interior design.

This is not a home decor thing and in fact, most of this is stuff you can’t even see.

But plugging holes, stopping draughts and conserving energy all fall under the umbrella of Hygge. 

You can also consider adding more natural elements to your walls – with botanical art pieces or creating a small feature wall with wood.

We added barn board to our dining room and it’s quite Hygge in there now. If you are looking forward to DIY a hygge dining room, have look at my post about how to create a hygge dining room.

how to create hygge at home
DIY Barn Board Wall

Other DIY Crafts that are Hygge

If you are still looking for more about Hygge – make sure you subscribe to my blog because I’m always writing about this!

You can also have a look at these great DIY projects that will bring more light, coziness and hygge to your home this season.

Short FAQ about Hygge DIY at Home

1. What are the best DIY websites? is a classic, and other great DIY websites are DIY Network and Damask Love.

2. What does Danish hygge mean?

Hygge is a Danish word and refers to creating a warm, cozy atmosphere. It also means enjoying the simple and good things in life with people you enjoy being with. Candles are key to create hygge at home.

3. What are 3 great DIY hygge ideas?

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