How to extend Hygge beyond the Holidays

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Inside: A guide to bringing the hygge feeling into your life and home beyond the holiday season; simple ways to create hygge throughout the winter months.

I don’t know about you, but as Christmas approaches I always have the urge to cocoon. I know some people really enjoy the parties and the gatherings, but I think something about Christmas and the holidays brings out my inner introvert. If you’ve been around the blog for a while, then you know how I embrace the concept of hygge and seek to bring it into our home in each season. Today, I want to share how to extend hygge beyond the holidays and create an inviting cozy atmosphere all winter long.

First things first, if you are unfamiliar with hygge, you might want to check out these other posts I’ve written on the topic – such as how to do hygge without going overboard and some of my homemade hygge decor ideas

Then we should probably establish what Hygge is! It’s the Nordic concept of coziness and light. It’s not really about decor but it’s meant to describe the feeling you get when you are in a welcoming and warm environment. One that is conducive to conversation, learning, togetherness and the nourishment of the soul.

I think I’m drawn to the notion of Hygge lately because I find our digital lives to be so opposite to that! Being online all day and making my living as a blogger and digital entrepreneur, it’s so easy to get caught up in the shiny objects and flashy things. It’s easy to chase vanity down a rabbit hole and wake up a few months later feeling dazed and confused. Somehow, by invoking a bit of hygge, it’s easy to overcome those feelings of overwhelm.

Elements of Hygge that extend through the winter

Small sources of light

I love to use lanterns and warm white twinkle lights in the house right until we turn the clocks ahead in the spring. There’s something about small lights scattered through the house that creates a feeling of warmth. It’s easier to cozy up on the couch when there are twinkle lights all around!


Warm beverages in special mugs

This one seems so silly. But I have a stash of fancy mugs that I pull out every winter and put away in the spring. I allow tea time to be a ritual during the winter so that it contributes to my nourishment and well-being. When friends and family come over, I let them pick their mugs from my special collection. It becomes a conversation starter and it’s a quirky little ‘imperfect’ detail that adds delight to space and to the day.

Using natural scents

I have an aging dog and a toddler, so trust me when I say, sometimes our house is smelly LOL. To combat this in a hygge way, I like to infuse our home with natural scents. I stay away from the plug in air fresheners that are full of chemicals and opt for a low simmer of mulled spices and cinnamon on the stove. Also, if I have the opportunity to bring fresh-cut greenery and boughs into the house, I will. There’s nothing like the actual smell of pine to lift the spirits.

Getting outdoors

Being outside as a family was tough the last couple years with a small baby, but now that my daughter can romp about in the snow, we make efforts to get out and enjoy the few sunny days we have. We also make sure to stock up on fun outdoor apparel that makes being out in the cold less fuddy-duddy. 

Learning and sharing with Audible

We used to do family game night, and sometimes we still do that, but now it’s been replaced by ‘family talk’ night? I don’t know what to call it. Essentially, Dan and I both pick the same book from Audible to listen to at the same time. He listens on his commute to work and I listen during the day while I tend to housekeeping and other non-work times. Then we sit and talk about the book! I know! It’s like a weird husband and wife take on a book club, but there’s no actual reading involved. If you haven’t yet signed up for Audible, it’s life changing and I so enjoy it. I look forward to my ‘free monthly credit’ email every month and spend at least a couple days researching what my next book will be.

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