How to furnish and decorate a room for less than $1000

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It’s one of the questions we are asked quite frequently – ‘Oh my goodness! Where did you get (that)?’ or ‘how much did that cost you?’ Today, I’ve got tips and tricks for How to Furnish and Decorate a Room for Less than $1000.How to Furnish & Decorate a Room for Less than $1000

What we have learned over the years, is that it’s entirely possible to create a functional and personalized space for next to nothing. There is no rule that says you have to spend $299 per bedside table, or that it’s imperative that your dining hutch cost $899. In fact, we insist that you don’t.

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Thrift it like it’s Hot

In our recently made over Home Office, we used a ton of thrifted and hand me down furniture that we simply painted or embellished to give new life. Almost all of it for ZERO dollars!Reclaimed and Upcycled Office Furniture

Thrifted items include, the purple dresser, file cabinet, vanity table, and storage hutch! All of these items combined cost us about $200.

Build it like a Boss

You got it. Instead of buying something – BUILD it! We saved a bundle when we decided to build our West Elm Inspired Day Bed instead of buying retail!

Build a West Elm Bed
Build a West Elm Bed

Get the Custom Look for Less

In our walk-in closet, we decided to add in organizers, but we went with off-the-shelf organizers and rods from our local big box store. We looked at other options from ‘closet specialty stores’ and realized, for us, the cost differential just wasn’t worth it. Blog office reveal

Paint is the best thing ever.

Forever. Amen. I don’t think we have to explain this one. A little bit of paint goes a long way. And we say, when in doubt, just paint it white. It’ll always match and white is the easiest color to paint over if you decide to go in another direction down the line.

All in, with hand me downs, some smart purchasing decisions and elbow grease, this room cost us $975 to pull together from floor to ceiling.

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