How to Make a Simple Rustic Centrepiece out of Reclaimed Wood

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Inside: Make a rustic wood centrepiece for fall using reclaimed wood and thrifted items; perfect for long tables with candles and greenery.

So things are still sorting themselves out in our world. LB is an amazing little person and I’m so happy to be her Mamma (did you see our full nursery reveal?) – but I admit, I’m having a bit of a time keeping up with blog projects. Thankfully this month, I was able to pull together something super simple for our Monthly DIY Challenge!

All of us bloggers are working with Reclaimed Wood this month. (There are links at the bottom of this post.)

Here’s what I used to create a Simple Rustic Centrepiece from Reclaimed Wood:

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In case you aren’t familiar with our challenge – we join more than a dozen home and design bloggers from across North America on the second Wednesday of each month to create a project using a shared theme or item. The results are amazing with so much inspiration! Some of our more recent projects include Mod Podge, Sharpies, Paint Sprayers and Wall Stencils.

Reclaimed Wood Centrepiece BEFORE

Truth be told, I wasn’t going to participate in this challenge seeing as we just had a Baby and all. But Dan and I were doing some MEGA cleaning in my last couple months of pregnancy and I had a very ‘take no prisoners’ approach to all the wood that had piled up in my garden room and in our shed. We got rid of 95% of it, but when I saw this old beat up piece that came out of our rec room floor (another ‘don’t get me started’…*eye roll*), I figured I could hang onto it and create something.

 I scoured my decor cupboard and studio and remembered I had these random wooden bowls we bought at a yard sale. Reclaimed Wood Centrepiece Bowls

Candleholders? I flipped the bowls upside down and put them on the wood. Nope – they sorta looked like nipples to me… LOL Remember Chandler’s extra nipple? LOL – I loved Friends. hahahaReclaimed Wood Centrepiece How to

Right side up and in a row, however, and they look like something useful! So I cleaned up my piece of wood by sanding down any seriously rough edges and pulling out any nails and I turned to my trusty wood glue to stick my bowls onto the wood.Thrifted Bowls repurposed with Reclaimed Wood Centrepiece

I thought about using wood screws, but didn’t really see the point. This won’t be hanging on a wall, so glue is just fine. THEN I thought about painting the bowls… but when all was said and done, I really, really liked all the different tones together. The wood has some greys, deep burgundies, and the bowls have a similar tone to the wood we stained on our fauxdenza.Glue thrifted bowls onto the Reclaimed Wood CentrepiecePainted Dollar Store Pumpkins as decoration on a Reclaimed Wood Centrepiece

Then I adorned them with some moss, faux pumpkins and pinecones, a magnolia branch, chunky wooden candlesticks and faux greenery.A festive display with reclaimed wood

Burlap pumpkins, painted gourds and a reclaimed wood centrepiece

Create an elegant centrepiece with reclaimed wood

For holiday season, it’ll be easy to switch up with sparkly baubles and ornaments and greenery. I also find with centrepieces that if the base is simple (which in this case, it is) it’s really easy to layer and layer items until you achieve something workable. If you are having a small gathering, you might be able to fit more lush items in the centre of the table. If you’re hosting a huge party, just edit and stick to the basics. Decorate your table for the holidays with a reclaimed wood centrepiece

Faux pumpkins, pinecones and reclaimed wood centrepiece

Festive holiday reclaimed wood centrepiece

Obviously here, I’ve decked it out to the nines!

I’m hoping this little project inspires me as I launch into our dining room design plans because right now, I have no sweet clue how I’m going to improve that space.Highlight a Reclaimed Wood Centrepiece with Greenery

Use Reclaimed Wood to make a Stunning Centrepiece

AND this is a Monthly DIY Challenge! Make sure you hop over to these other blogger projects using reclaimed wood 🙂

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