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Inside: A cute way to repurpose old chipped plates into DIY Kids Christmas Plates to hang on the wall

I’m at it again! Up-cycling some old stuff to give it one last breath at life for the holidays. I actually did this project our second Christmas in our house back in 2014. We were tight on cash, but I wanted a few festive flourishes. Cleaning out our buffet, I figured I could turn these old chipped plates into DIY Kids Christmas Plates!

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Here’s what you need for DIY Kids Plate Art:

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First thing to do is spray your plates with your base colour. In my case – that was the blue.How to make Holiday Plate Art

Then, using your Sharpie, measuring tape and scissors, map out the words you’d like on your plates. I chose Ho Ho Ho! (This project was done before I got my Silhouette Cameo. It would be world’s easier if I had one at this point. But here’s proof you can do typography crafting without a fancy machine.)Use Sticker Paper to Make Holiday Plate Art

Stick your word stickers onto your plates once the base coat is dry. Really make sure they are stuck on there. Now spray them with your main colour (in my case – red.) And while the paint is still a bit tacky, use a utility knife to carefully peel the letters up.Spray Painted Holiday Plate Art

Festive Holiday Plate Art

Now using the white acrylic paint and a small craft brush you can add ‘snow’ to the plates if you like!

How to Make Festive Holiday Plate Art
DIY Plate Art

Hang them up using your plate hangers or velcro Command Strips and you’ll be set!

How hilarious is it that this craft was done so long ago, I hadn’t even made over our Buffet Yet!! (There’s a link to that project in the gallery below….it’s one of my faves.)How to Make Festive Holiday Plate Art with Thrifted Stuff

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