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How to Organize Your Small Bedroom for Style and Function

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Inside: My best tips for creating a stylish, small bedroom. This room is only 9×9 and it’s packed full of fabulous decor and storage ideas. 

I’m hopping back into the Room by Room Summer Series this week with an updated tour of our guest room and some tips for how to organize your small bedroom for style and function.

Let’s dive right in on how to utilize space in a small bedroom without comprimising on style!

How to Organize Your Small Bedroom for Style and Function

I skipped out of the second week which showed off kitchens (check out the links here!) because – well, I just couldn’t get myself in order enough to get photos done.

If you want to see our kitchen, have a look at my most recent update that we did for $1200 using paint and peel and stick tiles!

I’ve done the other two bedrooms on this floor already, check out our Master Bedroom that I did with rustic wood furniture and moody blue tones, and our daughter’s nursery that is full of amazing IKEA Hacks and repurposed pieces.

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Step 1: Assess your Space

How to Organize Your Small Bedroom for Style and Function

You might have been following along last year at this time when I was deep into the makeover process for this space.

I was about 25 weeks pregnant and was determined to transform the teeny tiny 8×9 foot room into a sweet space for my Mom to stay.

It started like this:

And this was the reveal last year. It took me a while to assess the space and figure out the best place to put the bed.

That is crucial in a small room – you need space on each side to move comfortably and ideally, space at the foot of the bed as well.

In this case, I tried the bed under the window and it wasn’t balanced enough. Determined to stick to a queen in here, we put it on the longest wall.

Step 2: Use Pattern and Paint

small bedroom storage ideas

Small spaces can absolutely handle pattern – large scale or small scale. In this case, it’s limited in tone and color.

This is definitely a hack when you’re wondering how to organize a small bedroom on a budget.

We paired a bold damask paper with white painted walls and wainscoting and I add lots of pillows with small patterns to the bed. (I rotate my pillows a lot).

How to Organize Your Small Bedroom – Supplies:

  • Latex Paint, Half Pint, Flat White
  • ColorMaster Paint + Primer
  • Paint Brushes

Step 3: Keep Drapery Simple

how to organize a small bedroom

Because I chose to go bold on the walls in here, I had to stay neutral on the drapery. It would have created too much for the eye.

I double up on white panel drapery in every room in the house, I love the light and airy feel.

Step 4: Focus on Lighting

clothing storage ideas for small bedrooms
Guest Room REVEAL

Lighting is very important in a small room. In here, the main light is a gorgeous and sparkly chandelier, but the reading lights are wall mounted and simple.

This clears space on the side tables for things people actually need, like phones, books, glasses, water bottles, etc.

It’s one of the top things to consider when looking for organization ideas for small bedrooms.

Each bedroom should have at least three light sources, so choose wisely in a small space.

Step 5: Consider Storage

storage solutions for small bedrooms

The major change, however, has been with the storage. Originally I had a six-drawer bureau in the room and quickly realized that it didn’t work well for guests.

In a small bedroom space, it was so important to have somewhere to tuck suitcases and baggage out of the way.

So I replaced it with a leggy table and a blanket ladder to hold towels. Suitcases now fit under the table and it keeps the flow of the room so much more open. 

how to utilize space in a small bedroom

I still love how dreamy the white drapes are and how airy the room feels with the white paint and traditional graphic wallpaper.

It is such a small bedroom, but keeping the space clean and one color scheme really helps to make it feel bigger.

I actually slept in this room quite a bit when LB was firstborn. At the time, we hadn’t started our Master Bedroom makeover and this was the only bedroom with good, soft reading lights.

I would duck in here for late-night feedings or to catch some sleep while Dan was on baby duty.   

How to Style a Small Bedroom

how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom

With the right styling tips and ideas, you can turn your small bedroom into a beautiful dreamy room.

From multitasking furniture to storage solutions, these ideas are the answer to how to decorate a small square bedroom.

• Stick to limited colors

Do not play much around with the colors. It might turn out to be disastrous if you don’t have the perfect color contrasts.

Instead, use only limited color pallets like white and red. If you are not a white person, pick the colors you like but they must suit each other.

To create a beautiful tone, try to match the colors of the furniture to the walls. Not the exact same colors, but try to bring in colors that complement each other. For example, you can use sea green with blue or red with white, etc.

• Maximise Storage Space

Incorporate as much storage as you can to store small things assembled. Extra storage space always comes in handy because it is versatile. You can use your cupboards either for placing books or items that you do not often use.

Use drawers for personal items, shelves for books, and flat surfaces for reading or eating.

• Create an illusion with mirrors

Using mirrors when you wonder how to maximize space in a small bedroom can be a smart step. Create an illusion to the eyes by incorporating mirrors on the wall behind the bed.

It will make your space look bigger and will also brighten it.

Other fun Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

organization ideas for small bedrooms

Sleeping in a small bedroom with everything scattered and crowded can be annoying. It is easier to stay in the bedroom when all the small things are organized.

But when it comes to a small bedroom, the lack of space can make it difficult to organize things. So you need the following creative ideas to know how to organize a small bedroom.

• Think minimalistic

All the bedroom furniture sold by the stores ain’t very necessary. If you are wondering how to organize a small bedroom, you need to add as limited things as you can.

Think from a minimalistic perspective and add only the necessary items. All you need is a bed-side table and a cupboard for clothes.

• Keep your nightstand clear

In a small bedroom with little furniture, it is easy to assemble things on your nightstand. Avoid creating clutter on the nightstand and instead buy the one that has drawers.

Place limited things in the top like lamps and a small tray for little items like keys.

You can even put your clothes in the nightstand drawers to free up the space of the cupboard. It can be a great clothing storage idea for a small bedroom.

• Utilize the bed-box

If you have storage beneath the bed, it can be a great place to store all the items that you use occasionally or in particular seasons.

Keep the winter clothes, luggage, linens, books, or toys under the bed to maximize the small bedroom. It will also keep things clean.

how to maximize space in a small bedroom

Short FAQ: How to Organize Your Small Bedroom

how to organize a small bedroom on a budget

How to organize your small bedroom DIY?

It’s very easy to organize a small bedroom by DIY. You can add a closet system by DIY, add drawers with dividers and fold your clothes vertically to maximize drawer space..

How can I organize my small bedroom without a closet?

There are many ways to organize a small bedroom without a closet. For instance, you can DIY a clothing rack, hang unique wall hooks or stack up some wooden crates.

How to arrange your small bedroom?

If you’re wondering how to arrange a small bedroom, make sure to assemble the right furniture. For instance, keep the layout simple, choose accents that add color and cut out clutter!

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