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My plans for the playroom are slowly coming together. SLOOOOOOOWLY. Maybe I’ll share a mood board with you all. It would probably help for me to get all my ideas out of my head and onto paper or a screen! There are definitely a few big ticket things up in the air (at least a couple of which are larger scale DIY projects), so in the meantime, I’m trying to find ways to work with what we have and channel the playful vibe I want in the room. One element we are keeping is our DIY Daybed – the challenge is that we most often use it like a sofa….So today I’m sharing my best tips and tricks for How to Style a Daybed like a Sofa! And I’ve even done up this little tutorial video for you 🙂

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Basically, I was going to get rid of this bed, but after I realized I’m on a quest to find Hygge, I decided to keep it and make it work for our family. I ran around the house and gathered up all the pillows and cozy things I’d need to make it feel more like a sofa and less like just a bed in the middle of the playroom.

Step One was to put a plain, solid, neutral sheet on the mattress and then to prop up a bed pillow in one corner. You could use a larger sham pillow, but sometimes I nap down here and I actually like to have a real pillow for napping 😉 Step One to Style a Daybed like a sofa

Then add in some solid color toss pillows. These should be in a tone that matches the mood of your room. My default in these cases seems to be a nice rich blue. From there, add in texture! A wool throw and some faux fur elements go a long way to making the daybed not feel so bed-dy.Faux fur and wool blanket add texture to the daybed

Next amp it up with pattern and whimsy. Add in coordinating throw pillows in a large scale pattern and complimentary tones and a bolster pillow with a ‘fun’ element! Since this is Little Bird’s playroom, I’m going with an animal theme 🙂Add patterned pillows to anchor the daybed

Finally, add your finishing touches – things that the people in the room would want to see! We read lots of books on this daybed, so I put Little Bird’s stuffie Penguin and a small side table for a cup of tea. Fresh flowers and greenery never hurt either 😉Styling a daybed like a sofa Add a little whimsy to the daybed

There you go! That’s how you style your daybed like a sofa! Best part is it’s easy to switch up ANNNNND I keep a comforter and top sheet under the bed for when guests come. How to Style a Daybed like a Sofa in a Family Space

Guys, I’m like a DIY project machine these days. I have quite a few easy and fun decor-type posts coming. Next week is our Monthly DIY Challenge and I TOTALLY stepped outside of my comfort zone by building something so fun! I can’t wait to share it with you.

Until then!


xoxoHow to Style a Day Bed like a Sofa - Watch the VIDEO!

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