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Back on track for the April DIY Challenge! And this month, all of us bloggers were challenged to do something awesome using any items we could buy at the Dollar Store! Well wouldn’t you know it! Here’s how I created a Kate Spade Inspired Closet!

(And remember, because it’s a #MonthlyDIYChallenge, you should totally click through to see what everyone else came up with too!! Links, as always, are at the bottom of this post.)

That’s right – these were the simple items –

That’s it! Here’s what the closet looked like after priming and painting the bare drywall.Walk in Closet Before

If you are a lover of Kate Spade, than you will know her spaces, clothing and accessories frequently feature my favourite motif – the black and white polka dot. In fact, back in September, I was giddy with glee while strolling through the KS display in the housewares section at The Bay in downtown Toronto. Why? Because THE WALLS had POLKA DOTS!

So – if it’s good enough for Kate, it’s good enough for me!

Using my hole punch, I made a whole whack of polka dots. Warning. Only do one at a time. I pushed my luck and tried to do three at a time, but the sticky paper got stuck in the hole punch and made a mess. Lesson learned.DIY Polka Dot Wall

Initially, I moved my newly redone purple and brass dresser into the space and then in true Erin form, I changed my mind.  😉 DIY Kate Spade Inspired Closet

We moved my Expedit up to this space from the basement studio space instead.  It fits really well in the space and I can use it for office and blog supplies and any additional space for jewelry and accessories.

Organized Closet Nook inspired by Kate Spade

To keep with the Kate Spade theme (and to use up supplies I already had on hand), I covered a plain banker’s box in the same textured wall paper I used to redo my dresser. Then I added some metallic gold Washi tape to my pink Ikea storage bins to make them look more Kate-esque. GOTTA love Washi tape!

Washi Tape and Contact Paper Decor

The only thing left to do in this particular space is to hang another shelf nearer to the ceiling to hold extra sheets and blankets. We need to go on a shelf hanging spree in here.  🙂Polka Dot Closet with Dollar Store Supplies

Oh and I have officially named my gnome Chewbacca… anyone who gets that joke will be my friend FOREVER.

Best part about this new little closet corner is it cost only pennies to do and I can remove and re-stick the dots whenever and however many times as I want. It is also Zuzu approved.  🙂

Kate Spade Inspired Walk in Closet

I’d peg the total cost for this (minus the actual Expedit shelf) at about $5. Holla.

If we’re living right, we should be able to show you the entire new office space in two weeks. It’ll be the first time (possibly ever) that we’ve done a room entirely before putting it on the blog. We aren’t sure if we like this process or if we like showing you step by step.

Either way – we are SO excited!!

AND now, have a boo at all these other awesome Dollar Store projects!

See you next week!

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