How to Make a Wood Shim Wreath with Paper Flowers

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Inside: A quick tutorial to make the cutest spring wreath with wood shims and paper flowers.

This is such a fun project. I’ve been asked so many times about how to make simple wreaths for each season. So I took to my shop to find some cast off supplies and ended up coming up with this super cute wood shim wreath! I added paper flowers to give it a spring vibe, but you could easily dress this up for the holidays, winter or fall if you wanted. 

Such a simple DIY Wreath! Love the paper flower details; perfect for updating indoor decor for each season #wreath #silhouette #diypassion

Supplies for a Wood Shim Wreath

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Step by step for a wood shim wreath

I cut my shims down to somewhere between 5.5″ and 6″ – you don’t have to be super precise, but it is important they are all more or less the same length. Then just lay them out on your wreath form with the thin end in and glue them down with hot glue.

How to make a wood shim wreath

Glue the wood shims with hot glue

Once I had it all glued together, I used one stain wipe and gave the shims a little more colour and depth. While it was drying, I turned to the flowers.

This is where I used my Silhouette, card stock and scrapbooking paper.

I got this design from the Silhouette Studio and just set it up to make a regular cut. These flowers are basically just circles, leaves and one longer ‘ribbon’ type shape.

Once you have your circles cut, you’ll see they have little slits. Cross the slit over and glue it so the circle becomes sorta three dimensional.How to make paper flowers

Then layer the ‘petals’ on top of each other until you have a flower shape. Curl the long ribbon around a pencil and glue the ends together to form the middle part of the flower and then just add your two leaves.

If you’re interested in making more complex paper flowers, have a look at my Giant Paper Flower Wall. I created a few different kinds of flowers and there’s a template you can download too.

These can even be made without a Silhouette if you have a large hole punch and can cut the other shapes out freehand.Make a Wood Shim WreathHow to make Paper Flowers with a Silhouette and a Spring Wreath from Wood Shims!

Alright! This is a hop! So hop on over to these other fabulous Silhouette projects 🙂

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