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Playroom Reveal – The Before & After

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I can’t believe this day has come! I’m ready to show you all the entire playroom space completed! (Well mostly completed, I’ll explain that as we go). Consider this the official Playroom Reveal with before and after photos and I’ve sourced most of the decor pieces for you as well. (I’ve used affiliate links in some cases.)

Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we? I mean, we could REALLY get into a time machine if we wanted to.  This was what it looked like a few months after we moved in. FULL OF ALL THE JUNK. This room never really had a purpose and it really ended up as a dumping ground until we got serious about Konmari and decluttering. This picture literally gives me hives. OMG.

Here it is about a year later when I wanted to add ‘something’ to the room, but I had ZERO vision. SO I grabbed a can of dark teal paint and did one wall. It was just ‘meh’ and always seemed to make the room feel smaller than it is.

Fast forward to January when we decided to actually tackle this room and it looked like this. Once again, it was just a mishmash of all our ‘leftover’ furniture and art and it had no plan, no purpose, no real storage or lighting solutions and it still had that terrible floor. I had wall papered the back wall at some point. I still really love that brick paper and have a couple rolls left. I don’t know what I’ll do with it!

The BEFORE and the PLAN

You can read about the demo process and floor installation in the few posts ramping up to this reveal. I can tell you we are incredibly happy with the choice we made and it gave me SO MUCH confidence to tackle the studio/laundry space and finish off this floor (at some point). I don’t know why the floor in here always terrified me. It just felt like such a big job – and don’t get me wrong – it was SUCH a big job. It was about six days worth of work, but it took us about 2.5 months to do… because life happens and you can’t just renovate for six days straight. 

Okay, so here we are! The reveal of the finished, clean and 100% liveable space!! The main elements are:

I love this room SO SO SO much. The few finishing touches we have to do are add in more elements to the art zone and do a couple small DIY projects to frame up some art and such – but I want to take my time with those and really see how LB uses the room before making any assumptions. So far, the baskets are doing the trick for the toy cleanup at the end of the day, which is all a Mamma could really ask for 🙂

Peace and love people! (Btw – the next room I’ll be tackling is my Home Office!! I’m pulling together a mood board soon – so watch for that post coming up!)

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