Progress and Promise in the Living Room {Blue Wall Update!}

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It’s happening!! Remember back a few weeks ago when I wrote an off the cuff post about my pledge to banish the white walls on the main floor and start living the colour dream? Well – it’s a thing now!

Over the course of October, I painted our foyer wall a deep navy (which I’ll tell you more about down the line because we still aren’t finished trimming out the planking blerg) – and I painted the long living room wall a cool watery blue!! (Side note: LB stands up now… when did she get so big?! *sobs*)

Obviously there is still lots to be done – like rehang the art work, consider new shelving or wall decor and I’d LOVE to get a new rug for this room. But I’m showing you these in progress shots today because I want you to come along the full extent of this journey. 

Lately I’ve wanted to pull away from the perfectly staged before and afters and showcase more of the nitty gritty that happens between the before and after, you know? That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll show you close up photos of all the dog hair balls and what not (LOL OMG) – but that every once in a while, if a project is going to take us a while to do, I’ll show you progress like this. 

The colour I chose is by SICO and it’s called Pale Seafoam. I had it mixed in an eggshell finish and used a 10mm roller and an angle brush to apply it. I was able to crank out this wall paint by myself in less than two hours! 

I’m already excited to see how this blue makes holiday reds and greens pop. As much as I do like a white wall – this has made me see that colour is really where my love lies. If chosen correctly, it can make a room feel welcoming and calm. In this case, the blues on either side of the room make everything feel more cohesive and less sterile. 

I would like to update what’s going on with the fauxdenza unit. As you can see, I’ve had the level out to take some measurements and I’ve been mocking up designs in my notebook, but nothing feels right yet. I might let the holidays pass and see how I feel come January. The last thing I want to do is rush and put holes in my beautiful blue wall and have it be the wrong thing!

Coming up on the blog this week, another Creative Team post, my Thursday Trends is focusing on Industrial Style Decor AND of course another episode of In The Storyhouse – our last one got major reaction!

Chat soon – E

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