A Rustic Modern Dining Room Makeover – Complete with a DIY barn board wall

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Back to DIYs! Yes! I always aim to share a room makeover with you every couple of months. But let’s be real – sometimes life happens and making over a room is just not in the cards. This rustic modern dining room makeover took me the better part of a couple months to complete – BUT the DIY barn board wall came together in one day!

This project is particularly exciting because I’ve partnered with our local Atlantic Canadian hardware retailer, Kent Building Supplies, to get it done and showcase how simple updates to any room can really help you to love your space again. In fact, if you follow the #LoveYourSpace hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see more inspiration and tips from Kent (and me!)

Okay, let’s get to these photos, shall we? Here are the shots of the befores. This room is SMALL, but it’s literally the centre of our home and now that we have LB, we use it every single day, multiple times a day.

As you can see – the room was basic. Essentially boring AF LOL. White on white with neutral tones and that’s it. I knew I wanted something to give the room depth. I wanted it to feel DELUXE. But I didn’t want to go overboard. We know that it’s likely we will be doing a major renovation in the next couple of years so this makeover had to be inexpensive, cheerful, simple to do and bring big style impact.

Enter barn board. Over the course of a weekend, this wall went from blah to WAAAAH!?! haha 

I’ve been getting lots of questions about how to actually install something like this. It’s not a hard process (I swear), and I’ll be writing a more specific tutorial soon. For now, let’s just look at the gorgeous light and the way that barn board brings everything else in the room into sharp focus. 

I’ve already had a few people on IG ask about where I got the items on the table, so here you go!

Honestly, the light that streams into this space in the afternoon and early evening is second to none. It’s quite hard to capture it on camera because it’s often too bright!

It also emphasizes the blue wall in the living room, which was also an update I made in under three hours one day! (The colour is called Pale Seafoam by Pittsburgh Paints and it is also available at Kent Building Supplies around Atlantic Canada.)

I kept the decor on the wall 100% minimal with just a twig wreath and zero adornments. I really want the tones in the wood to be the hero. Though, I’d be a total liar if I didn’t admit I’m excited to switch things up on the wall through the seasons. I think any natural element will look stunning against this back drop. I cannot wait!

I’m still on my quest for Hygge… oh and I’m also still ‘going with the flow’ when it comes to planning and producing blog content. So normally, I’d be able to list off what you can expect on the blog next week, but right now – I’m leaving it up to fate 😛

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Peace and love and BARN BOARD WALLS!


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This post was not specifically sponsored by Kent Building Supplies, however, we did work with them to create exclusive content of this space for various social media channels. As always, we love and appreciate the support you show to our brand sponsors because it helps to keep DIY Passion up and running.



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