How to Shop Your House for Decor {$100 Room Makeover Challenge Week 2}

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It’s Week Two of our $100 Room Makeover Challenge! The pace of this makeover is much less frantic than the One Room Challenge. I think because my expectations are fairly low for this ‘transformation’ – but I’m starting to think I’ll be pleasantly surprised! This week, I’m showing you how I shopped the house for decor and styled the little planked nook for a cool $5.50… haha #BIGSPENDER

If you missed last week’s Intro Post you can see it here. I broke down my inspiration for this living room makeover and laid out my plans for the four-week challenge.

If you need a refresher – this is the corner I’m focusing on today…it’s affectionately known as ‘the nook’.

STOP! Hammer time!  I mean time for a history lesson… haha Why do we call it the NOOK?

Because that planking? It’s covering up a giant 1980s style television hole that was built into the original home. Seriously. This was move in day. Note: NOOK to the RIGHT. I know, you’re likely distracted by the mural and the faux brick painted on the wall and didn’t even notice the nook…. but the nook is there haha….

Here’s the only picture I could find of how we planked over it… because it made sense to take a terrible picture back then? I don’t know. Let’s just say, I think my photography skills have improved in the last four years LOLOL  (I also wallpapered that wall right over the mural before deciding to just paint it white. Guys – I am a glutton for punishment sometimes…)

Okay, back to now.

The first thing I did was SHOP MY HOUSE = FA-RE-HEE…Holy Nelly and her Sisters… you guys – this is the BEST way to save money and switch up your decor.

Here are the items I ‘found’ around the house and where I found them: 

  • Black Lacquered Telephone Table (It was my Gramma’s and it was in storage)
  • Black and White cityscape print (Also in storage)
  • Aqua pillow cover (in my linen cupboard)
  • Wood Round Slice (in my craft room)
  • Pink, aqua, cream coloured chevron throw (in my linen cupboard)
  • Ghost Chair (was in the living room)
  • Standing lamp (was in the living room)

Here are the items I bought to fill out the new space:

  • Five round baskets from the thrift store. The big one was $1.50. The rest were $1 each.

Step one was to just empty out the nook area so I had a clean slate. Then I moved in the telephone table. To be honest, I wasn’t sure it was going to work. It’s one of the most visually heavy pieces I’ve ever seen. It’s black and reflective and it commands a lot of attention and ‘design space’. BUT, the flip side is that I have tried half a dozen times to part with it, and I just cannot. I can’t let it go.

So the challenge for Step Two was to soften the hardness of the table…like really, really soften it. Enter the $5.50 baskets that I hung on the wall all willy-nilly. Then I added in some natural textures with the wood slice and pitcher with flowers.

I hung the black and white print just to give a bit of definition to that back corner so the ghost chair didn’t appear too ghostly. Added my toss pillow and the throw and voila! A newly styled nook!

PS While I have you! Have you considered joining my REINVENTION NATION Mastermind group yet?! You totally should 🙂

$5.50 down $94.50 left in the budget! Next week, I’m hoping to show you a fun DIY project I’m working on that will be on the other side of the room… It’s a bit of a risky one… so we’ll see!

Hope to see you then!





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