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VIDEO Inside! Create an inviting colourful Thanksgiving Table with DIY decor pieces! Painted pumpkins, coloured cutlery and a hand-stamped table runner. 

Thanksgiving is always such a fun time to dive into decor. I love the fall colours and I also love to pull them inside as the weather gets cool. Today, I’m sharing three DIYS that you can do to bring colour and nature inside to your Thanksgiving Table Decor!

How to Set a Colourful Thanksgiving Table

I always like to start with a solid and layered base on my tables. In this case, I’ve used a blue table runner paired with a jute runner and then laid a hand-stamped botanical runner over top to give it a bit more oomph and personality.

If you aren’t into colour, you can easily use the same concepts to create a more rustic centrepiece for either your buffet table or a family dining table. In this post, I show how I used reclaimed wood bowls and neutral pumpkins for a rustic Thanksgiving centrepiece. 

No Thanksgiving tablescape is complete without TEXTURE! I used round woven placemats to anchor some of the smaller elements on the table – oh and if you didn’t notice, this is set-up for buffet dining!!

How to Use Colour in Buffet Dining Decor

Our dining room is super tiny and getting everyone seated at the table isn’t always possible. Most of the time, we resort to a buffet style serving area so we can squeeze more people into the celebrations. 

A great way to add colour to a Thanksgiving buffet is with colourful cutlery! I did an entire post on how easy it is to paint old cutlery to match your decor. I absolutely love doing this with Dollar Store or thrift store knives, forks and spoons. 

Add Colourful Seasonal Decor

Lastly, I love to add more texture into my table decor with painted pumpkins and gourds. It’s always fun to use real vegetables, but it’s super simple to paint up the ones you find at the Dollar Store too. 

How to Paint Dollar Store Pumpkins

  1. Scuff the plastic pumpkins with a little bit of sand paper
  2. Prime them with some basic craft primer and let them thoroughly dry.
  3. Paint them with two coats of chalk style paint in your choice of colour. Allow them to dry at least 30 minutes between coats. 
  4. Spray with clear varnish to seal them. (This is entirely optional).

Add in taller elements to your Thanksgiving decor

When you’re setting up a buffet, you need to consider height. It’s not the same as a dining table, where height can get in the way of seeing someone across the table! But you want peoples’ eyes to dance around. I added in this adorable dessert/fruit stand from IKEA to bring a bit of drama and ‘up’ to my table. I left the bottom portion open for actual food and filled the top with more colourful painted gourds.

Bring in actual natural elements

The last thing to do is to amp up the ‘nature’. Every space needs at least one hit of natural green. In this case, I’ve added the green sprigs in the clear glass vase beside those two bright candleholders. The brilliant colours play so nicely with the deconstructed twig wreath – which is probably one of my favourite wreaths I own. I got it at the thrift store for TWO DOLLARS. 

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