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“I can feel it… coooming in the air too-neye-it….Oh Lord…” DRUM SOLO! Yes! If you can’t tell, I am singing and drumming and tap-a-tap-tapping my feet because TONIGHT I am going to post the FULL REVEAL of my six-week One Room Challenge… oh my word. I feel like I imagine ol’ Phil C felt when he smashed those snares in that drum solo all those years ago. Yeeeeeeessss…. But, a keen reader will also realize that today is the Second Wednesday of the month – soooooo, that also means it’s Monthly DIY Challenge day.

Well – have I got a surprise tutorial for you! Surprise because frankly, I didn’t even expect to participate this month with all the ORC stuff going on – but inspiration struck and so here’s my fun project for the simplest ever DIY Air Plant Holders!

Here’s what you need:

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I feel silly even breaking this into steps. Like seriously silly. Basically, I took my scrap wood (which I didn’t even measure btw, I just grabbed these from my scrap pile, liked the look of them and forged ahead). I added a couple good wipes with my fave Minwax Stain Cloths in … you guessed it… Natural Oak … and then proceeded to tack a strip of leather around each piece of wood.

The only thing I made sure was the  strap wasn’t too tight. Basically I wanted a bit more than one finger’s width of wiggle room. Then I screwed on the little label holder just for interest’s sake.

Add my Command Strips, hang them up, tuck my air plants into the bottom strap loosely.



I’m told these plants only need misting with water once weekly or to be dunked in a glass of water once a week…. sooooo I’m pretty sure I can handle that!

See you all back here tonight for the big ORC Reveal! And until then – check out all my other Bloggy Tribe gals’ planter projects!

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