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How To Make A Spring Swag for Front Door – The Ultimate Guide

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I’ve always enjoyed flowers. Actually, I love taking care of flowers and making things that include flowers. One of my favorite ways of displaying the beauty of my plants (and my craft skills a bit) is by making spring swag for the front door. 

Spring Swag for Front Door

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other spring swags that can be done with ease and on the budget. Online shops are offering a wide choice of spring wreaths too.

To be honest, pre-done swags can be quite expensive, so here I will share a step by step instructions you can use to make swag flower arrangements by yourself. 

Moreover, these instructions can be used for other materials too, as long as the concept is the same.

Spring wreath for the front door, in particular, can be used as spring front door decorations, or as a great gift for another home décor lover. 

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What are Spring Swags?

spring swag wreath

If I’d have to define spring swags, I’d say that they are a perfect way to welcome people to your home. 

Also, they are a great opportunity to use the flowers and colorfulness of the spring to its fullest. There are many ways to use spring swags, and the one I mainly use them for is as a part of my spring front door décor.

The main difference between this DIY spring wreath for the front door and other spring wreath ideas for the front door is that I use flowers that are typical for the season, such as tulips. 

Taking into consideration that spring swags made from fresh flowers last only for several days, in this guide, I am using silk flowers instead. 

If you, however, choose to go with the fresh tulips, it is best to visit local flower shops, but please note that if you don’t grow your own flowers, it can be pricey too.

They are also a great way to refresh your entryway for spring or to gear up your backyard for spring.

Tools Required

  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks (if you haven’t used the hot glue gun before, please note that you should read the manual carefully)
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral pins

Materials needed to DIY a Spring Swag for Front Door

artificial tulip, Materials needed to DIY a Spring Swag for Front Door
  • Multicolor tulips (note that you can use colors of your own preference)
  • 12in Foam ring (I’d recommend this pack of different sizes in case you want the smaller one)
  • 1.5in Ribbon (I went with the vanilla color, to be neutral, but feel free to use other colors)
  • Cotton bakers twine (also a neutral color, but it would be nice to match the color of your door too) 

How to make a Spring Swag for Front Door?

spring wreath swag

Step 1 – Prepare the flowers

Silk tulips usually come in bushes. Each bush has several stems with approximately 3-4 flowers on each stem. You have to separate the stems first. 

I tried to cut the stems with the scissors first, and I would not recommend it since it wasn’t my proudest solution. That is why you should use the wire cutters and separate each stem.

Make sure you cut a few inches above the bush-base, and keep the stems more-less the same length. 

 I usually don’t remove the leaves, but you can do that too if you don’t like them.

Step 2 – The foam and the ribbon

DIY Making Realistic Flowers from Foam Material

Now, the main part of the job. Take the foam ring and attach the ribbon using the hot glue gun and the floral pins. I usually put the floral pin first, and then I use the glue to ensure that the ribbon stays firm at all times.

You start wrapping the ribbon around the foam ring while adding tulips. You need to tuck in the tulips as you go. Note that you should think about the color arrangement beforehand.  

Each row of the ribbon should include approximately three tulip stems.

Make sure that the flower blooms are as close to the ribbon as possible. 

Otherwise, they won’t be tight enough. If you want the flowers to look floppier rather than tight, you can expose a few stems in random places on the foam ring.

The ribbon, however, should be tightly wrapped around the foam ring. This way, you will avoid tulips falling off this type of spring front door wreaths.

Step 3 – Consistency and overlapping

diy spring wreath swag,Consistency and overlapping

The reason you need to be consistent with overlapping barely on the outer edge of the foam ring, and more towards the center is to avoid running out of the tulip stems and ribbon before finishing the spring swag in the first place.

When you get to the spot where you started wrapping, you need to wiggle the last flowers into the first ones. 

This might be a little more complicated than the rest of the process, so you might need to adjust along the way, but the goal here is to fill in enough space so the foam ring is covered. 

Don’t avoid using a hot glue gun or floral pins here, just make sure that they are not visible on the front side.

Use the cotton baker’s twine to make a hanging loop and secure it by folding the ribbon over and adding a bit of glue if necessary.  With this, you are ready to hang your homemade tulip spring swag.

Types of Spring Swags 

Types of Spring Swags

Type Nr.1 – Spring front porch ideas

There are many ways to make your front porch enjoyable by adding some spring front porch décor

  1. Personally, I really love vintage wagons or old bikes and how they go with my crocuses, daffodils, and tulips, and you can easily find them online.
  2. I have had this great Amish wagon for a few years now, and I just refresh the paint each season. It goes so well with my plants. – Get it here
  3. You can also try the bicycle flower pot variation. It can be bought or made, it really is up to you.  Have in mind that even old stuff from your garage can be repurposed. – Get it here

DIY projects are often more affordable and allow you to make your own adjustments. 

Type Nr.2 – Spring outdoor wreaths for front door

spring wreath outdoors

Of course, tulips wreaths are just one of many wreaths you can use to add more life to your front door. 

There are so many variations made for any occasion, and from all kinds of materials, not only flowers. 

For example, there are amazing holiday wreaths such as Easter wreaths, stunning Sunflower wreaths, extravagant eucalyptus pods, and so on. 

There are also wreaths of all sizes and shapes.

You can find ones that are made with branches and other natural materials, stylish and modern wreaths, as well as more handmade material options, for those who like it. – Check prices here

Type Nr.3 – Spring decorating ideas for front porch

Spring decorating ideas for front porch

For us who like decorating – indoor as well as outdoor, there are never enough options. Spring is one of the most amazing parts of the year, where you have the privilege of enjoying nature at its full bloom.

If you live in a house as I do, you’ll always want to add things until you don’t have space for adding any more. 

This is especially true for smaller decorations such as solar lanterns. Also, planter pot stands (rustic or modern), hanging planters (if you know macramé, it can be another DIY project of yours), and many more. 

Type Nr.4 – Spring/summer wreaths for front door

Flower wreaths decorated with eggs on wood, easter backgrounds

Making a wreath that can be relevant for two seasons jointly is especially useful for those who are very busy with their jobs, kids, etc. 

They don’t have spare time to dedicate to decorating, but they still want some nice touch for the first impression of their homes. This is where the spring-summer wreaths come in.

There are several types of these wreaths I tried making over the years, but the most original ones (for me at least) are the ones that include fruits. 

For example, you can go with the lemon wreath or the one that mixes lemons and blueberries. There are all sorts of variations. I would always recommend going with the artificial fruits here, especially if the wreath is bigger than 15in. – Check prices here

It’s definitely a great and very elegant spring wreath.

Note that if you want to buy a pre-made wreath approximately 24in, and made with the actual fruit (like oranges), the price can go above 200$.   

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