How to Transform a Dreary Bedroom into a Bright, Airy Home Office

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We have been working on this room for. ever. But today, I can happily say I’ve got a full post with sources and everything, all about how to transform a dreary bedroom into a bright, airy home office 🙂

This is what it was when we started. Every house has a room like this right? Just boring. Blah. Nothing really special?Office Before Master Bedroom Turned Office Before

We had to rip off a faux mantle. That was attached to the wall WITH 3″ DECK NAILS.

*I’ll let that nugget sink in for a moment*

Faux mantle.



That required extreme repairs. In fact, the repairs were so daunting, we lived with that hideous, weird, pink and blue nail-hole riddled monstrosity for about eight months before doing anything to it.

Then we had to rip down all the oddly angled ‘ceiling trim’ (that was really just routed 1x3s?!), also attached to the ceiling with DECK NAILS. This lead to an entire weekend of additional wall repairs.

All this before we even opened one paint can. So much for our paint, decor, done! We ordered Manitou Blue Tint One from PARA Paints. We actually started the room by painting the ceilings and top 2-feet of the walls with JoJo Whitewash.Painting a Ceiling

Then we completed the rest of the walls with the Manitou Blue.

And it makes my soul sing.

The white ‘topper’ on the room visually elevates the space. And the blue is the perfect blend of Tiffany and seaside that we were going for.Painting two-thirds wall

The trim work has all been painted with another PARA tone – Chrysler Hall White. It’s got great depth and it’s a superb trim colour if you’re looking for something that works with anything.

This side of the room is rounded out with my new favourite furniture rehab – my purple lion dresser. Le love.Reclaimed and Upcycled Office Furniture

Under the window sits my new vanity-desk space. It’s my new happy place. I can hear the birds chirp as I sip my morning coffee and fill my mind and soul with inspiration for the day. My desk chair is a ‘ghost chair’ from Structube that I snagged at Blog Podium, but you can get one here if you like.  🙂 It’s very comfy and I love that it takes up minimal visual space.

Use textures to make office seating pop

Our beloved Monstera plant was listless in the living room corner. It was wilting and sad, so we moved it in here where there’s a bit more light and perched it on top of our office file cabinet. It perked up within a few days!Teal and White colour scheme in a DIY Home Office

Speaking of light, we found this awesome globe pendant light on clearance. It’s completely feminine, while not being overly ‘girly’ and I think that’s why I like it so much.DIY Day Bed in a Home Office

Swing over to the largest wall of the space and it’s home to my former dining hutch that I painted and refinished with new knobs and turned into an office catch-all. And on the far corner is a teeny gallery wall with one of the pieces we picked up from Minted. I really want that outfit in that print, don’t you?! 😉

Home Office Makeover with Teal and White

Then of course, my lovely new day bed! Dan built it from scratch  I filled it up with cozy throw pillows and a fluffy duvet. I often catch a cat nap in here while I’m blogging.

DIY Day Bed

And finally, my Kate Spade inspired closet!Office and Walk-in Closet Combination

It is such a relief to have this space as a solace and hub for our inspiration. And it is also quite exciting that we finally are able to give you the full tour!

And you’re now wondering about the price of the room, right?  Here’s the post that explains how we made over this space for less than $1000!! 

Chat soon!

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*We are members of the 2015 PARA Paint Blog Crew. We were supplied with the paint for the projects in this post, however our opinions of the product/colours etc are entirely our own.




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